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Choosing Popular Career Options: A Wise Decision

Date Added: 26/04/2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic was an unprecedented situation that left its mark on every aspect of life, including the job market. Whether you are looking to refine your skills or enhance your qualifications, it is best to get a head start and prepare yourself for upcoming jobs. Many are concerned about finding work, but just as many jobs have gone outdated, new ones primed to take the stage in the coming years, such as Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity. 

Let's take a look at some of the popular job options coming up. 

1. Digital Marketing Expert:

The Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted almost every field, but not the Digital Marketing Industry. This industry has rather thrived. Digital Marketing has proved to be essential for most online businesses in reaching their target audiences and business goals even during this global outbreak. The number of Internet users has exponentially increased in the last year, making a successful career as Digital Marketing Professionals.

The prediction is that this field will grow by 12-13% every year, meaning it is currently an industry with a lot of potential for creating job opportunities. Several niches are there that one can pursue within Digital Marketing, such as Social Media Marketer, SEO Specialist, PPC Expert, etc. While there are growing opportunities in this field, one can quickly start by themselves through blogging or affiliate marketing.

2. Data Science Professional:

Harvard Business Review opines that Data Science is the "sexiest Job of the 21st Century". Organizations depend heavily on data-driven insights to grow, and the companies from all industries are all that look for proficient Data Science professionals who can operate Data Science technology well. The IBM report stated a 30% increase in jobs in this field by the end of 2020, and it is only growing. Data Science also happens to be a lucrative and well-paying job, where you can pursue various profiles such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Architect, etc. 

3. UI/UX Designer:

With the surge in online platforms, UI/UX Designers have become all the more critical, and there has been a growing demand for them in the job market in the present-day scenario. It is because organizations are paying greater attention to enhancing user experience to attract a large user base. It is only possible with the help of great UI/UX Designers. UI Designers are tasked to design the layout and interfaces.

Likewise, UX Designers work on making the user's interactions with the interface more convenient and engaging. It requires a good balance of technical skills with creativity, problem-solving and research skills. With a good portfolio, you can have an enriching career in this field. The tech world is booming, and so are opportunities in this field. Every tech company, including companies like Google and Amazon, are looking for proficient UI/UX Designers for their platforms and products. 

4. Cybersecurity Professional:

Of course, increasing cyber activity would also lead to more cyber-attacks and hacking activities, so cybersecurity professionals are now high in demand in the tech world. In the last few months of 2020 alone, career opportunities in the cybersecurity industry increased by 7-8%. By 2021-22, there are estimates of around 3 million new job opportunities in this field. A professional in this field needs to have hands-on experience and some valuable certifications to ensure a rewarding career. The Cyber Security industry is quite vast, and you can specialize in the specific niches such as ethical hacking, network security engineering and being a cybersecurity consultant.

5. Full-Stack Developer:

There might still be companies that hire specialized professionals such as frontend developers, backend developers and database engineers. However, full-stack developers now have the edge over them as this field provides the necessary flexibility that organizations require for resource planning and more. Full Stack Developers refers to those IT experts or professionals who acquire the knowledge of both frontend and backend development. This career path is ideal for those looking to pursue growth and proficiency with either frontend or backend development. You can opt to learn the other one and become a Full Stack Developer for a bright career opportunity. As of 2020, LinkedIn's Report ranked Full-Stack Engineer or Developer at the 4th position in the list of top emerging jobs. Full Stack Developers also earn more than other software developers in the current context.  

6. Cloud Computing Professional:

The tech field has opened several opportunities, one being Cloud Computing. Cloud is currently dominating the tech world, with most companies relying heavily on different Cloud technologies for growth to stay competitive in the market. According to a research, more than 80% of software and Apps are slated to be developed around Cloud Technologies in the upcoming years. Moreover, the worldwide Cloud Computing market is on the trajectory to reach around USD 350-380 Billion by 2021-22. Hence, there will be high demand for skilled Cloud Computing professionals. There are job openings ranging from fresher level to more highly professional groups, and you can pursue a niche depending on the skillset you further develop. Some of the niches you can pursue are Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Architect and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer amongst other rewarding career options. 

7. Content Developer:

Yet another career path with highly really bright prospects is Content Development. Every industry depends on producing quality content. This industry will grow 13-15% annually and is becoming an incredibly viable career path for many in the current context. It encompasses content for blogs, social media, training programs, podcasts, YouTube vlogs, etc. It is thus recommended that you establish a niche before you set yourself down this path. Depending on your skills, you can earn quite a bit and even find flexible and freelance options.

These are some of the popular career options that will see a positive trend this year. Change is inevitable, and it is vital that we adapt or we will be left behind. It is relatively easier to upskill yourself through the various online courses nowadays. You are bound to find career opportunities in these given fields.  

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