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How To Build A Great Video CV

Date Added: 11/06/2021

Blog Image How to Build A Great Video CV

Video CV or resume is the new buzz in the job market and impresses the HR managers and hirers easily when compared to paper CVs. More than replacing traditional CVs, a video CV is mainly a supplement to a written Resume. It can be uploaded to a video host like YouTube or the video file can be directly submitted to the advertisers of the job.


A video resume can capture a hiring authority’s attention pretty fast as it is innovative and can address the challenge of competition far more effectively. At present video, CVs are sought more in jobs for certain sectors.


For any applicant, being ahead of the crowd of competitors is a must to grab the coveted job on offer. A video CV can be explained as a short recording by a candidate highlighting his suitability for the job advertised in terms of qualifications, experience, aptitude, skills, and an impressive personality including effective communication skills. 


Although a video resume is your resume in video form it is not something broadcast in front of the camera or reading out the resume word by word. It is visually sharing the information.

Benefits of submitting a video resume

The obvious benefits of submitting a video resume are the following.

  • Scores over other applicants
  • Highlights the creative side
  • Expresses the candidate’s personality
  • There is a face upfront instead of a name on the CV


Create a video resume

As for creating a video, there are many video editing programs such as Apple iMovie; Lumen5 and Canva to rely on. 

Dress up professionally during the shoot and have a few practice runs on what has been planned to say before the camera to obtain the best output. If the video is shot well the CV will express the personality, creativity, passion and drive of the candidate. The video CVs can be one to three minutes long and grab a recruiter's attention.


Making the video CV is not very hard and no tripod is essential as a smartphone can capture the video. The video CV must be in landscape mode and not portrait mode to help for easier editing. 


Sectors where video CVs s sought 

Video CVs are commonly used in creative and customer-centric roles in sectors like advertising, marketing, media, creative arts, sales and PR. Other sectors taking video Resumes also include digital, journalism, fashion and IT services. In traditional jobs such as law, accounting, engineering, medicine and construction a video CV is not very urgent.


Important Tips 

During the video CV presentation, choose the most important aspects of the resume. Also, rehearse the script a few times and it must be like a conversation with the hiring manager and avoid the impression of reading out from a paper.


For a future employer, a video CV does a great job of showing what he can expect as it gives a composite picture of background as well as activities outside of work and an explanation of why he is the best fit for the role.


A video CV answers some key questions generally asked in an interview well in advance. 

  • The candidate’s background in the field
  • The skills suited to this role
  • Activities outside of work including social skills, and creativity.

Video resumes allow employers to get the flexible and credible side of the candidate’s character. A written resume has limitations. When a video presentation is sent to recruiters with an additional effort by a candidate, it hardens the first impression. 


Reduces risk of fake data

A video resume will help to assess the technical skills as it is difficult to fake skills here. It will also present the real speaking abilities of an applicant. When an applicant excels as a good communicator it increases the chances of hiring. It gives an objective framework for the hirer in determining whether to deal with the right person for the job.


Ease of storage 

The problem with paper CVs is the hardness to maintain and organize single printed resumes and storing them appropriately. Downloading a video on the computer and storing it in a folder is easy. It will not only cut down the overall time but also saves space.


A video resume easily expresses the applicant’s enthusiasm and a recruiter can make put whether he is a good fit and got a positive attitude. A video Resume will show how tech-savvy is the candidate and comfortable with new technology.


Submitting a Word document file or a PDF is easy but taking efforts to shoot and edit a video gives a message of adaptability to new methods. It will also show the applicant’s demeanour and is a team player from the grim or happy disposition.


A video will also unravel the attitude and ability to handle new things and solve new problems. Also, the appearance of the candidate will show if he haunted by insecurity or poor confidence levels. The level of confidence will give an idea of whether to go ahead with the candidate or not.


Communication skill assessment

In sectors like PR, a bubbly personality and good public speaking skills are a must. Therefore, a Video CV will give the best approximation and glimpse of a person compared to a written resume. 


Marketing companies will not compromise on communicating skills as they have to manage customers and the staff must be high on impeccable skills. The video presentation will also cut down the time for interviewing. 

It is easy to assess whether a person is lousy or professional in their overall traits. 


Use video CV agencies

Candidates can also use online resources to make video CVs. There is a website named Spark Hire, where one can create a Profile Video after sign up for its free account. In this, click recording using webcam and mic after making sure what to say. It also gives the flexibility to re-record until perfection. 

Once the final product is good enough, the applicant can send the video’s URL to the employer.

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