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How to find work opportunities in the UK?

Date Added: 08/11/2021

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To find suitable work opportunities in the UK, graduates and other job seekers must follow a time-bound strategy to crack the job market and land at the right job. 

The first requirement for any job searcher must be to create a professional online CV that is searchable in all job portals. The Resume must present the aspirant as a decent, trustworthy and employable candidate good enough to grab the attention of recruiters.


Upload your CV to job sites

Remember that job sites are not meant for job hunters only; employers and recruiters also frequent these sites to look for potential candidates. A future employer can spot your CV at the job site and see a promising candidate in you. 

Making a profile and uploading the CV will not take more than 30 minutes. But it is worth the effort. 

The top job sites include Monster, Universal Jobmatch, NHS Jobs, Indeed, and Linkedin. 

LinkedIn is a favourite place for many premium recruiters and employers to find potential candidates. Never ignore it. It is worth looking into recruitment agencies when trying to get a job after university. 


Customise every application 

Most jobs require a covering letter and a tailored CV. So, sending out the same documents for each job is meaningless.

At first, it might look like a headache to customize every application being sent. But graduate applications must aim for quality over quantity. That means no point in applying in bulk jobs pushing applications not relevant to the role advertised.

The right approach is telling potential employers how important are you and how you suit the specific role.


Read the job spec in detail

The key to getting a job interview is tailoring a cover letter and CV as per demands in the job ad. Always read the job spec in detail before applying.

Instead of creating an entirely new CV every time, give a file name that identifies the role advertised as a better match with the CV. Then, add that info into the job description.

Oftentimes, the job can also go to persons who have the right connections. If you know someone at the senior level in a company, make a request to recommend you. Also if you know someone who is in the same industry ask them to put you to the right person.

Many companies also offer incentives to persons who recommend the right people for vacant positions. Research companies where you want to work and make contacts with the managers by taking details from LinkedIn. Reach out to them and introduce and explore suitable vacancies.

Social media is the best channel to connect with important people, research who's who and reach out after making your more professional online presence.


Display employability in Resume 

The number of job vacancies can never match the huge number of graduates passing out every year. That makes it imperative for candidates to have qualifications beyond a mere degree. 

The right way is to show maximum employability potential in terms of qualifications, skills, experience and aptitude in the CV. If there has been a background in voluntary work, or extra online qualifications show that as well.

If there is a website it is a great signal of the candidate being a self-starter. To impress employers always show genuine interest in the company. Share their activities that impressed you. The covering letter must also be tailor-made and stand out.


Try startup companies

Smaller startup companies are a good source of jobs but are largely ignored by many job seekers. They may not be big enough to fund graduate schemes, but they have viable job opportunities.

It is always good to land at a grad scheme at a top company, but the competition for entry-level jobs at smaller companies is always moderate. The multiple roles and experience gained at a small company can help to leapfrog into better mid and senior positions than stagnating at the lower rungs in big companies.


Broaden options when applying for jobs

If relocating is fine with you, then expand the job search to the entire UK instead of neighboring cities, making the job hunt more result-oriented. Looking for opportunities abroad like teaching English as a foreign language will be another good option.


Stay motivated while job searching

During the job search keep busy with gigs and freelance projects to have cash flow and work experience before moving into a full-time job. Also, set a target to send out at least 10 job applications each day. Look for a job with timings from 9 am until 5 pm and then keep evenings and weekends free for personal growth.

The United Kingdom offers numerous opportunities to talented professionals and young graduates in addition to internship openings. Some of the positions looking for the best talent are the following. 

Business Analyst: Business analysts develop research and analyse for solutions to improve business outcomes. The role needs a technical degree and a good understanding of how companies operate.

Project Manager: Project Managers are responsible for managing assignments from start to finish. It is a popular job in the UK. They plan, organize, and manage the work associated with specific assignments and deliver projects on time, ensuring budget compliance and quality standards.

Accountants: Accountants are the most hired professionals in the United Kingdom. They keep the financial records of a company and do finance-related tasks for organizations, businesses and clients. They make financial reports, file tax returns, manage financial operations, and provide guidance based on financial data.

Data Analyst: Another popular job is a data analyst who interprets data, draws insights for better decision-making. A data analyst compiles the data for analysis, applies methodologies, prepares data for speculation, and analyzes for results.

Data analysts also illustrate data with visualizations such as graphs and charts. These are compiled and presented to interested parties, to make sound business decisions. 

Nurse: The nurse job is rewarding but demanding too. This is a sought-after career option in the UK well. The role requires physical examination of patients, data collection, administering medications and coordination with the physicians. 

In the entire process of job search, extensive networking and skill upgrades are the best solutions towards a robust career.  

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