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Most Popular Jobs in 2025

Date Added: 09/08/2021

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Most often emerging graduates and job seekers may not take the trends in the job market seriously and update their skills in tune with the changing market requirements. Knowing the high-demand jobs and the qualifications can help being left out of the job market and build a good career. 

Many new jobs are being created while and many existing jobs are vanishing. One reason is the rising automation and technology changes hastening the displacement of jobs including blue-collar and white-collar jobs. 

That does not mean jobs are out and machines will sit everywhere. Yes, new jobs are coming to the limelight with huge demand and pay packs.

There is concern that Artificial Intelligence will wipe away many jobs despite the reassurance of tech enthusiasts that to every job lost more jobs will be created.  

Techno billionaires like Elon Musk have shared that artificial intelligence (A.I) envisages “immortal dictators from which we can never escape.” 

Although it is too early to press panic buttons, running out of work looks nonsensical as new occupations are emerging that converge creativity and technologies. 


The top jobs in the next 5 to 10 years 

Here we have picked at least a dozen jobs up for grabs in the next 5 to 10 years. It shows more jobs coming up in the healthcare and financial sector.

Doctors: The career will explode in the next 10 years. The median salary is around $220,000 with a growth rate of 13 percent.

Medical Services Managers: This healthcare administrator job entails a person to run a healthcare facility and manage physicians, surgeons, paramedics and pharmacy, and all supporting staff. 

The job entails planning, directing, and coordinating all medical services. A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, and experience are enough to take home that fat salary. The median salary is $98,350 with a growth rate of 20 percent. 

Software Developers: Software development is all about solving problems by automating tasks and increasing human interaction with technology. Technology growth is making the career of software developers hot with the median salary at $103,560 and a growth rate of 24 percent, making the outlook bullish.  

Information Technology Managers: This role calls for maintaining a company’s computer systems efficiently. The IT manager has many tasks to manage in ensuring that information is accessible by coordinating with managers to oversee and guide their projects.

The take-home is more than $100,000 a year and an IT-related bachelor’s degree and experience is the core qualification. The median salary is $139,220

There is a projected job growth rate of 12 percent.

College Teachers: College teachers will be in good demand. The professor has a slew of activities to handle, such as research, publishing articles, and creating college textbooks in addition to teaching.

A Ph.D. is the base qualification. Life is flexible and pays well with many benefits. The median salary is $76,000 with a projected growth rate of 15 percent.

Management Analysts: This job calls for delivering management solutions that could increase revenue and cut costs in making a company profitable. A bachelor’s degree and some experience can trump the degree requirement too. This is a well-paying career and frequent travel is inevitable. The median salary at $82,450 and job growth rate of 14 percent is yummy.  

Financial Managers: They take the financial health of an enterprise on their shoulders. They ensure adherence to budgets and the profits are looked after while costs are controlled, to keep the business financially safe.

The responsibilities include investment decisions, creating financial reports, and developing strategies to influence future financial goals. The median salary at $125,080 and growth rate of 19 percent hints at great prospects.  

Accountants and Auditors: The accountant’s job is finding the meaning behind numbers and handling clients and management. Timely advice for making decisions impacting the financial situation is another task. It is a highly paid job to play with numbers as the median salary is $69,350 and the growth rate is 10 percent. 

Financial Advisors: A financial advisor has to help people with money management and escape financial ruin. Their professional advice on saving, investing, buying a home, paying for college education, retirement, and succession plans help people. 

A bachelor’s degree is enough but a master’s degree and certification can boost salary. The median salary at $90,640, with a growth rate of 15 percent spells big potential.

Registered Nurses: RNs provide patient care, emotional support, and health education for patients and their relatives. The job profile has diagnostic tasks, administering medicine, and coaching people to manage illness or injury as a daily routine.

The qualification includes a degree or diploma and a mandatory license. The median salary is huge at $70,000 and the job’s growth rate is 15 percent. 

Physical Therapists: The incumbent has to support patients with physical impairments, chronic pain using physical therapy for prevention, long-term treatment, and maintenance.

It is an active career and not an armchair one as a lot of direct interaction with patients happens to improve movement, and to follow prescribed routines. A master’s degree in physical therapy and licensing will earn close to $100K as evident in the median salary of $86,350 and 28 percent job growth.

Nurse Practitioners: The NPs, as registered nurses, have advanced training in primary care services such as ordering lab tests, medications, and X-rays. The autonomy and scope in this career are immensely reflected in the compensation, which surpasses six figures.

At least a master’s degree, some experience in the field, and licensing are required. The career is projected to grow tremendously with a median salary of $110,930 with a growth: rate of 31 percent. 

Dental Hygienists: This key job in dental teams is highly skilled and mandates providing long-term oral healthcare to patients. They assess a patient’s oral care and education on good oral health, flossing, and correct brushing techniques to save from diseases. They also do oral cancer screenings, remove plaque and stains from teeth, apply fluoride, and x-rays. The pay is fabulous with a median salary of $74,070 and a growth rate of 20 percent. 

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