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Top Tips on choosing the right University

Date Added: 08/11/2021

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Choosing the right university for graduate courses is the main challenge in the degree application process. The selection process must culminate in a happy outcome.

The fact that many men of genius and famous professionals are still identified with the university they have studied. That speaks volumes about the brand value of universities and the glory it casts on the alumnus. 

The importance of choosing the right university need not be overemphasised. It is the biggest life decision. A university’s role is crucial in preparing a student for the future in terms of education, skills, manners, extracurricular tastes, leadership qualities, pathway to jobs as the passport for a secure career.


Preliminary selection

Check out what sort of programs the university offer? Plus are there any co-op programs that boost career options?

Make a shortlist. Then narrow down to prospective university options. 

For many young men, joining a university is like a rite of passage as the gate way to a new phase towards dreams, goals and self-reliance in life. The university facilitates meeting new people, making of friends, connecting to new areas of knowledge, ideas, lifestyles, cultures and the platform further creates life’s many hangovers and cherished experiences. 

But there are hundreds of universities to choose from, so the advice must narrow down to the right choice that is easier said than done. It needs a good amount of research with a slew of factors to guide the selection.


Research the Course Content

In the selection, the course should be the main focus as three years have to go grappling the basics for graduate then pursuing higher education and starting a career on the field.

Most countries take pride in ‘elite’ universities. If it is Ivy League in the US, in the UK, you have Russell Group Australia has Group of 8 that fascinate. 

For students, the tips to select the right university must be contemporary with a few other personal priorities joining the parameters.  

Location: The locations of many universities are dream like locales. Scotland’s spectacular east coast houses St Andrews while Oxford’s dreaming spires excite. There is no dearth of eye-catching educational institutions and cities full of character. 

Selecting a university means choosing the place to live with consideration to factors such as living costs, culture, weather. If it is London, it is the hub of all hustle and bustle in the huge metropolis but rents can be huge.   

If it is Nottingham,  it is most affordable student-friendly city with too many cafes. But the place is low on work opportunities when compared to London.

If you love sea-facing cities consider Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton or Cardiff. The love for Scotland is also about moderate tuition fees, Northern Ireland will tempt with the legacy of Celtic culture.

Consider the financial implications: But finance is an important variable. Even if you arrange all funding somehow, debts can still happen. For many applicants, finance is a factor that guides the eventual choice. The right preparation can save from jumping schools or dropping out. Those outcomes will not be the end of the world for a person, but the pain can be avoided. So budget costs as expenses costs are bound to be higher.

Evaluate university rankings: Look for the major ranking tables and averages that give a general ranking. There are also separate tables for each subject. The important data is the student: staff ratio. Lower the ratio better will be the outcome as it will be a compact discussion-oriented classroom. 

Check the course content: The research of information on universities with individual modules will give a feel of courses. Match the course content with targeted subjects and see how it helps in career aspirations. Apart from course curriculums check if the degree can offer any work experience via mechanisms like internship and later placements too. Many schools have excellent industry connections and securing a job via that channel is a good option.

Subject choice: In the US, choosing a major and a minor is common but that is not the practice in the UK. If possible study in conjunction with another subject matching your interests and career goals.

Look at the course content on the university website. If there are subjects of particular interest, see if the university has it and contact the university if there are specific questions.

Regarding subjects, find out what is on offer and what kinds of programs relate to those subjects; admission requirements; and work experience opportunities during degree studies.

Can the program lead to higher education as in law, business, and a specialized master’s degree? Also, check whether research studies are open and has scope to study abroad on an international exchange.


Life shaping factors

Joining a university is an important step as it prepares a person towards living independently after moving away from the family. Therefore, the look for a hostel accommodation that is compatible and friendly.

See if the University life that will be away from home is taking you to a bigger and diverse city or a small town. If you want to slash expenses there is also the choice to live at home and study as a day scholar. 


Campus look and feel 

Irrespective of the location you live, a great deal of time must be spent on the university campus. There is the good time to hang out with friends, during study hours or on projects,  attending events and meeting at recreation facilities. There are many other things to think about.


Life beyond classroom

Ask yourself, who are you and where are you heading beyond the student persona. Who is the real you? Remember most university memories get made outside the classroom and they are mostly extra-curricular.

  • What type of events you want to attend on campus?
  • What are the clubs and sports teams you want to join?
  • Are there any fitness classes?

To conclude, the university must make you feel like a home where you can grow in every aspect of life. The environment may look challenging but the eco system will help you realize your dreams, empowering you with the tools needed for the rest of life.

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