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Why Study In USA

Date Added: 29/07/2021

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Pursuing a graduate degree in a foreign country has many advantages although some cite costs as well. As for international students, the United States of America has always been a dream destination.

According to the Institute of International Education (IIE), a majority of the international students, nearly 1.1 million, want a degree from the United States for many reasons. 

The fascination for USA education is very pronounced as benefits outweigh the challenges of moving to a new country. Making a cost-benefit analysis of US education, education services expert Tom Kleber, Director of Enrollment at Northeastern University notes students should understand their career and academic goals pretty well.

For aspirants of U.S degrees, they know the value in the international market. For students looking to immigrate and get a job in the U.S., certainly, a degree from a U.S.-based institution is the best bet.

There are many international education counselors and agencies that brief aspiring students to the micro-level and add more information.  But some general information we are discussing here.


Improve career opportunities

To settle in the United States or not and be back in the home country a degree from an American university is a great asset that is sure to expand career opportunities substantially.

The experience of studying and working in the U.S. is always a force multiplier for desirable jobs, especially with global companies. During the study, they get valuable exposure in experiential learning, internships, multi-culture living and real-world experience in their area of interest.

This provides valuable learning opportunities to build strong relationships with future employers and also manage sponsored visas. 


STEM opportunity

Many US degrees are ‘STEM eligible’ with the opportunity to stay in the U.S. for two more years to pursue post-graduation, beyond the standard one year, and can work for a U.S.-based employer for a paid training.  This is great for international students.

International students called F-1 students in the US have the privilege to get optional practical training (OPT) if they have degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses. 


Top reasons to study in the USA

Now, look at some of the factors that attract students to US universities. The United States continues to maintain the lead as the top destination of foreign study. The pull factors on students to seek US higher education include the following.

  • Top universities 
  • Best education system 
  • Cultural diversity
  • Job opportunities 
  • Big brand value

Most universities also offer excellent support systems for foreign students. When educational facilities are coupled with financial aid and work opportunities the USA remains the most sought-after destination. 


Benefits of US courses

In the US, the number of colleges available for international students is bigger than in any other country. The faculties are top professionals and students benefit a lot from the experience and contacts. 

Most programs in US campuses including the research programs are world-renowned. Many colleges also offer financial aid through loans and scholarships. The global recognition that USA graduates hold is an all-time advantage in the job market. 

So, before enrolling in US courses do good research to find a school that matches aptitude, goals, and personality, will be appropriate.


Top courses in the USA

In the US, the education system offers all types of studies. The top 5 US courses include:

Engineering: In Engineering the USA remains the forerunner with 62 percent of international graduates in engineering programs offering the best employment opportunities. 

Computer Science and IT: The USA is the global hub for computer science and IT. The US courses are it emphasizes creating practical skills to make students participate in projects with learning from industry leaders. 

Highly specialized courses as in artificial intelligence, web currency and virtual reality design make for new opportunities.

Business Analytics and Data: Turning data into intelligence and business leaders supported to make data-driven forecasts and decisions. Data also help to make business goals. 

Pharmacy courses: Pharmacy degrees in the US are lucrative. Doctor of Pharmacy requires a Bachelor degree and can land in high paying jobs including drug development, or academia. The world’s top pharma firms are based in the US. 

Business courses: The business management programs are career-driven with weightage for practical knowledge. A business degree from a US college will expand work opportunities.

The specializations include accounting, finance or HR. Business students can also leverage the opportunity for OPT and work one year extra.  The programs offered in the US campuses also help students network and make connections with industry leaders and pioneering professionals. 


Different types of colleges 

In the US, three types of colleges exist. 

Private colleges: They are managed by private individuals and with higher tuition fees. Many think the quality of education is higher, although still under contemplation. 

Govt colleges: Run by the government they are reputed and every state has its university. State-run universities offer the cushion of greater recognition. 

Community colleges: They offer a degree in two years. Upon completion of the course, students can move into other programs to pursue a degree. The best part is fees are lower with no comprise on the quality of education.


Perfecting English

One more advantage of US education is that it opens a pathway to becoming fluent in English and perfecting English language skills.

Achieving proficiency in English spells an opportunity to speak with the right intonation and pronunciation adding a competitive advantage for non-native English speakers in the job market. 

Strong knowledge of more than one language is a good asset while working in any organization displaying cross-cultural communication skills. During admission, students submit proof of English proficiency in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores. 

In case, the score requirements are not met universities like Northeastern University will be helping students to join the Global Pathways program to improve their English skills. On successful completion, they can easily join the degree program of their choice.

To conclude, the opportunity to study in the US will be a paradigm shift in the life of most international students as it will work as a catalyst in boosting their career path, personality, and outlook which are the main planks of success. 

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