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Behaviour and Mental Health TA - Oxford

Behaviour and Mental Health TA - Oxford

Aspiring Criminal Justice Officer - SEMH Teaching Assistant Position

Suitable for both Graduates and Experienced Candidates (Psychology and Criminology desired fields)

focused on Restorative Processes - Education and Training - Aspiring Criminal Justice Officer

City of Oxford (ASAP start)

Working 1:1 and in small groups with students who have been through significant traumas, focus on restorative practices. Restorative practices underpin everything that happens within this specialist SEMH School.

The SEMH school are looking for someone sincere and who is able to understand what it takes to work with society's most vulnerable students, is the key. Your priority as a Mental Health/SEMH Teaching Assistant is to support and encourage the social, emotional, learning, behavioral and personal development of individual children. Can you demonstrate the value of an education to a child? Can you help give them the skills that can able them to be less vulnerable and susceptible to being manipulated.

SEMH Teaching Assistant
City of Oxford
£70-£80 per day
Aspiring Criminal Justice Officer
Long-term full time opportunityGiving pupils skills, they can use to gain independence, aiming to ensure they do not enter the criminal justice system. This LSA role is all about positive engagement, deploying restorative practices and showing a way of being as well as giving some of your professional self to the students. No significant learning will take place in this role of the relationships are not there. The role specialises in working with students who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues and Wellness concerns. Each student will have very different objectives in and out of school, some will live in supported living when they leave, and some will go to college. Engaging parents, guardians and the community is a role that the school plays role.

Behaviour is only one aspect of this role and it is only the display of an unmet need. It is important to understand, where the children are coming from and what traumas they have been through and the importance of clear objectives being set for them, making them feel valued within education in the process.

Aspiring Criminal Justice Officer - Education and Training - Aspiring Criminal Justice Officer City of Oxford

***Opportunity to work with SEN specialists at the top of their field, working with likeminded graduates, with similar aspirations

***Shadowing and Mirroring outstanding SEN professionals, including Clinical Psychologists and Therapists

***Great training ground for aspiring Criminal and Youth Justice Officers

***Specialist SEMH school for students with Complex Social Needs, 11-16 in age, all from a wide range of backgrounds

£65-£80 per dayAspiring Criminal Justice Officer City of Oxford, focused on Restorative Processes - Education and Training - Aspiring Criminal Justice Officer

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This is a full-time job. Working hours may be between 8 am to 6 pm.

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