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Software Engineer (Security Clearance Required) - Remote Optional

Software Engineer (Security Clearance Required) - Remote Optional

Job Description

Signup on Hired to find your dream job (remote work available) as a Security Software Engineer at one of 10,000+ companies looking for job seekers just like you.

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Common Responsibilities

  • The development and maintenance of client-side and server-side applications
  • Working with other web developers as well as marketing teams and engineers to ensure the right look and vital features are included in your work
  • Crafting tests that will be implemented to keep software functional
  • Stay on top of growing technologies and engineering trends

Skills in Demand by companies on Hired

  • Demonstrated ability with Backend and Frontend web development

Preferred Skills:

  • React, Java, JavaScript, Python, AWS, Node.js, Typescript, Ruby on Rails, C#, GraphQL, Go Language, SQL, Ruby, Kubernetes, PostreSQL, .NET, AngularJS, Django, Docker, Azure, and C++ are some of the most in-demand skills

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Job Specifications

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