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A Starter Course In Weight Loss

A Starter Course In Weight Loss

What organs and hormones are involved in weight loss and tips to keep them healthy


Do you need to lose weight but are overwhelmed with the amount of information available and don't know where to start?

A starter course in weight loss is a cheerful, light-hearted course that will give you the grounding information you need to begin your weight loss journey. All weight loss begins with the information offered on this course but it is helpful to learn this without the heaviness associated with new information.

Addressed in this course is:

The impact of sugar and carbs on the weight-loss process
What organs and hormones are involved in weight loss and tips to keep them healthy
The role insulin plays in keeping a slim body...slim
Where the body stores the calories you take in
How the body makes energy available when you are not eating
What happens when you are insulin resistant
Causes and dangers of insulin resistance
How to resolve insulin resistance
The importance of meal timing
How stress impacts weight loss and a PDF on sleep guidelines
A cheat sheet for your fridge on what to eat and what to avoid.
Contact details for unique questions

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this foundation weight-loss course

Course Information

No prior knowledge is required:

Just an interest in what goes on within the cells
A willingness to make changes

What happens in the body when you eat carbs
What insulin resistance means and how to counteract it
What foods to eat and what to avoid to address weight gain and start losing weight
What impact stress will have on weight gain
Tips to include that will get you started on your weight-loss journey

Busy people addressing weight loss
Men and women who need a quick overview for weight loss
Parents who want to start their children on a healthy approach
People overwhelmed with complex information on-line

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