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Access Masterclass: Level 1 & 2 - Beginner To Intermediate

Access Masterclass: Level 1 & 2 - Beginner To Intermediate

This course starts by using the Access Graphical User Interface to build tables, reports, queries, and forms.


Access Masterclass; Level 1 & 2 - Beginner to Intermediate is ideal for the beginner to Access or databases and delves into more intermediate topics like VBA and Macros.

You will start by Mastering the Access Graphical User Interface and then you will get introduced to Database Design, Macros, and VBA. We will also show you how to import Excel files via multiple options, including GUI and three examples using VBA.

This course starts by using the Access Graphical User Interface to build tables, reports, queries, and forms. These sections get you comfortable working with the Access Graphical User Interface to create and work with the 4 main objects in Access (Tables, Reports, Queries, Forms).

Access was designed to make it possible to build solid desktop databases by largely using the GUI. This makes development faster and easier, and it is one of the reasons that Access has continued to be popular despite new competition.

Next, we build on this GUI knowledge by showing you the fundamental principles of database design. The concepts of normalization, relationships, and referential integrity are fundamental to understand if the goal is to eventually develop databases that can be used for serious purposes (ie a small business).

Next, you will learn how to import Excel files into Access using the GUI while not breaking the rules of database design. You will then do the same but using VBA code. We will show you three different versions, from most simple to most complex but also the most flexible option and one that leads to better user experience.

Finally, you will learn about Macros and how to use them.

Join me, and give the course a try — before you know it, you'll be using Access for your company and reaping the benefits.

Course Information

No prior experience is required

Be able to fully utilize the Access Graphical Interface to create, edit, and manipulate the four main Access Objects (tables, reports, queries, and forms)
Understand how databases work, so you create your own database
Migrate your data from a spreadsheet (ie Excel) to Access without breaking principles of the database relational model (via interface and VBA programming)
Learn VBA so you can institute flexible solutions

Excel users who want to use Excel and Access together but need to learn Access
Beginners to databases and Access

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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