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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course: Learn To Edit Professionally

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course: Learn To Edit Professionally

You will know how to import and export your videos on your media. You will know few methods on how to import and export too


Adobe Premiere Pro Full Course For Beginners: Learn Editing:-

I know everyone wants to, edit there videos that they have shot!

You will learn how to edit videos & audios and create cinematic videos that will memorise everyone who sees it.

The Main Topics you will learn:

I am also teaching you how to re-create two cool effect videos!
You will be taken through all the features, effects & icons at first so you don't get confused on which is what
You will know how to import and export your videos on your media. You will know few methods on how to import and export too
You will know how to edit a complete video in step by step process. To become a professional Video Editor, YouTuber and Build a career out of this!
Learning all the editing tools and how to use all the Editing effects in Adobe Premiere Pro
Learning how to do Colour Correction of your clips. You will have a complete understanding of all the Colour setting options
Adding transitions, animations to your clips, text, photos etc
You will be learning about key frames which is a very important topic of Adobe Premiere Pro
You will also be able to do colour grading to your videos professionally
Also you will learn how to add motion, animation, graphics and titles etc
At the end of this course you will be able to edit your videos very professionally,

Also you can make cool B-Rolls, Effect Videos own your own.

Course Information

Students should have installed & opened Premiere Pro, So they can learn to edit practically while watching this course (OPTIONAL)

By the end of the course, you will be able to edit your own short Films, B-Rolls, Effect Videos of your footage
You will be able to edit a full video from beginning to end professionally with all techniques!
Edit your videos, and make them more cinematic with custom transition to your footage!
Designing professional titles for your videos!
You will be able to colour correct for your videos and make the clip cinematic!
Importing & Export your videos in UHD!
You will be able to to export your videos in multiple ways!
Creating custom animation for your clips, images, audio, titles etc!
Detailed learning about key frames!
Colour grading all the clips!
Learning how to export external effect to Premiere Pro!
Editing green screen clips & adding cool backgrounds!
Learning how to render Video's & Audio's!

You want to become a Video Editor and Create your own Unique Demo Reel using Professional Footage shut with various cameras and conditions
You want to learn step by step the process of Post Production from Ingesting Media to Color Grading and Production
You want to learn how to edit an Interview Based Documentary using Professional Footage
You have been Video Editing in other software and want to migrate to Premiere Pro

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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