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Adobe XD Mobile & Web UX/UI For Dummies: Quick Crash Course!

Adobe XD Mobile & Web UX/UI For Dummies: Quick Crash Course!

In the first session, we will see how we can download and install Adobe XD into your computer.


Hello and welcome to my new course Adobe XD for Dummies.

This tutorial is a crash course about how you can start using Adobe XD for your project prototyping.

In the first session, we will see how we can download and install Adobe XD into your computer.

Then in the next session, we will have a quick overview about the Adobe XD application's user interface.

Then we will proceed with managing the artboards in XD which is where we are creating our individual screen designs. Just like other Design Softwares, XD also will be using a concept of layers while prototyping.

We will deal with layers in the next session. Then as the next step, we will proceed with basic things like creating basic shapes and manipulating the properties of them.

Then we will try with different text editing options. And then we will play with colors and gradient color combinations.

Then to make designs more attractive and natural, we can use the various blurring and shadow options available. We can easily duplicate elements, rotate, resize, align and do other translations using Adobe XD.

Also it features boolean operators like Adding, subtracting etc.

Then we will see how we can import assests like images and how we can apply masks to the images or elements. And also we will try shape editing and pen tool to create custom shapes other than the ones that are predefined in the application.

Repetition is a big problem while dealing with screen designs. Adobe XD solves this by using a feature called repeat grids. Also we will see different export options available.

Protyping is the step in Adobe XD by using which we can link the different screens by creating hot spots in screens by which the customer can interact with the prototype.

We will also see how we can include pluggins in the Adobe XD application to increase its capability and add additional functionality Adobe XD .

We will then try to design a quick and easy mobile chat application. We are making use of the sample Adobe XD Documents, called as UI Kits available from the Adobe Website and reusing components to create our app quickly and effectively.

Our app will be having a splash screen which transitions automatically to a login or register screen. We will design these screens by using most of the UI Kit elements.

Then later we will design a chat listing screen where all chats will be listed and a conversations screen for individual chats. We will also create an overlay menu just like the mobile apps are having now a days.

Also we will link together these screens using the prototyping options available.

After that we will go ahead with a simple website design. We will be designing a university website. We will first design a Home Screen. Here also we can create it quickly as we are reusing the elements from the web design UI Kit.

Then we will create an About us screen to have the contents and a Contact us screen. Later we will link the screen together so that the user can interact with it.

Overall this is a quick and easy crash course which enables you to learn Adobe XD in only few hours. There will also be a course completion certificate provided at the end of this course to include in your portfolio. So be ready to create stunning prototypes and impress your clients. See you soon in the class room.

Basic knowledge
A standard configuration computer is the only requirement

Course Information

A standard configuration computer is the only requirement

What will you learn
UX/UI Design in Adobe XD and prototyping within just 3 hours!

Who this course is for:

Beginner who wants to start with Adobe XD UI/UX design and prototyping.

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