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Agile Development With Java EE

Agile Development With Java EE

Applying Real-World Agile Techniques to Web Application


Applying Real-World Agile Techniques to Web Application

In Today’s dynamic, fast-paced, disruptive marketplace, it is vital for a company’s success to rely on an Agile approach to Continuous Delivery in the Cloud. Agile Methodology provides a complete guide of proven modern practices, tools and techniques such as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), 'Born on the Cloud' (the ability to design/test/deploy in the same environment which saves time by reducing transitions), Toolchain, Iteration Planning, Iteration Wall, Test Driven Development, Test Automation, Continuous Deployment which are the building blocks of modern Cloud application development. In this course, you will learn to conceptualize, plan, build and deploy a Java EE web application, applying the best practices, real-world Agile techniques including, Automated Testing, Toolchain and Cloud technologies bringing your time-to-market to the next-level. By the end of this video course, you will have experienced the delivery of functional Java EE web application totally in the cloud using the best Agile practices, tools, and technologies.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at

About the Author

Leonardo Sampaio is an Oracle Certified Master Java EE Enterprise Architect and an IBM Agile Achiever. He has over 15 years of experience designing, developing and maintaining enterprise applications across a range of domains, platforms, and environments. Mostly critical/large/complex projects.

Course Information

Knowledge of Java is required

Conceptualise, plan, build and deploy continuous delivery, modern Java EE applications in the Cloud
Leverage Cloud tools to increase productivity, quality, security, and compliance
Manage risks and increase confidence to make changes to applications with Automated Test Driven Development
Master patterns of failure, risk, and inefficiency with deployment automation
Build the functionalities using Test Driven Development (TDD) and leverage the Eclipse Orion Web IDE
Get to grips with Delivery pipeline configuration, stages and deploying the application in the cloud
Jump-start your cloud and DevOps transformation.
Avoid endless setup and streamline your application delivery with IBM’s Cloud platform integrated toolchain

This video course is for experienced Java Developers, Java EE developers, Cloud application developer who are aspiring to become the designers of modern Cloud applications or software architects who would like to leverage the proven Agile practices, tools and technologies to create effective Java EE applications in the Cloud.

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