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Altair Hypermesh : Learn Meshing And Linear Static Analysis

Altair Hypermesh : Learn Meshing And Linear Static Analysis

This course will take you from a beginner to pro in meshing and analysis. after taking this course


Hello friends, welcome to this course on hypermesh . in this course, you everything about meshing and performing linear static analysis. the meshing is done in hypermesh and analysis is done in optistruct.

About Software

Hyperworks is a complete software package developed by altair engineering. hypermesh and optistruct are a part of that package .

About Course

This course is divide into 4 modules

1-dimensional (1D) meshing - for elements like rods, bars, beam, trusses etc.
2-dimensional (2D) meshing - for elements like plates, plastic components, sheetmetal etc.
3-dimensional (3D) meshing - for components like piston, engine ,shaft etc.
Linear static analysis - to calculate stresses, strains, deformation etc.
Why This Course

this course will take you from a beginner to pro in meshing and analysis. after taking this course
you can confidentally highlight hypermesh in your resume.
with the skills learned in this course, you can get a job as a CAE or FEA engineer.(simulation or analysis engineer)
we have covered all the basic fundamentals of solid mechanics, engineering mechanics to give you knowledge behind the analysis.

Course Information

Basic Knowledge of CAD modeling on any software will be advantageous.
Knowledge of fundamentals of mechanics of solids like stress, strains, heat transfer, machine design will be helpful in understanding the analysis
Basic Knowledge of handling PC
Hypermesh software version 2017 or any older version upto 13.

Create meshing of different parts and components
Meshing of 1-D elements like rods, beams, bars, trusses etc
Meshing of 2-D components like plates, Plastics, sheetmetals etc
Meshing of 3-D components like piston, wheel, crankshaft etc
Performing linear static analysis to calculate values like stresses, strains, deformation, failure criterion etc

mechanical engineers and research scholars in Masters & Phd degree
Aerospace Engineers
automobile Design Engineer
Anyone who wants to be a CAE engineer (computer aided engineering)
Anyone who wants to learn practical application of FEA ( finite element analysis)
anyone who wants to learn meshing and analysis of mechanical systems

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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