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An Easy Way To Learn The Secrets Of Meditation

An Easy Way To Learn The Secrets Of Meditation

Meditation is a skill which can learned like any other skills. It's not a specific act.


In this course you will learn, why you should meditate, all the steps to mediate properly to bring more Awareness, Relaxation, & Peace into your life, reduced Anxiety and Stress along with a greater focus.

Meditation is a skill which can learned like any other skills. It's not a specific act.

This course is designed to build your knowledge to have a good mediation experience step by step, just like most things in nature. There is no benefit jumping right into meditation without a solid understanding of the principals that will create a strong meditation practice.

Each section in this course is an important and necessary step in creating a strong and sustainable foundation for meditation. Commit to the study, see it through to the end and most importantly, enjoy this inner journey to your Higher Self.

It can help you to rediscover yourself that true happiness and the answers are within yourself, but inside yourself is dark and dusty. You have not been there in a long time. Meditation will help you to go inside yourself “inner journey”. Take a small step each day towards meditation and you will see how the world changes for the better, inside and outside of you.

Once you have mastered yourself in meditation techniques, this course will also help you to learn how to guide others as well. Please note that you’ll be learning effective meditation skills, you will not be certified as a meditation guide.

Course Information

There are no pre-requirements are required for this course, other than an internet connection and an open mind and heart with commitment
For anyone that already practices Meditation or for those who have an interest and want to start Meditating

Why Meditation
What is meditation?
How meditation help sharpen your power
Meditation for your mind
Rewiring the brain
Brain Benefits
Benefits to emotional well-being
Depression, anxiety and mood disorder
Increase empathy and love
Meditation myth busting
Common questions & misconception
Starting your practice
Why, when, how long, where and how
Meditation postures
Principle of postures
Hand signals-Mudras
Steps for meditation practice
Find 5 meditation techniques
Putting it together
Anxiety & Meditation
Manage your emotion and stress
Hindrance to meditation
Get ready to guide others
Meditation script
Steps to lead guided mediation

This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in Meditation or those that already practice Meditation and who are interested to teach others

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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