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Bachata Dance Ladies Styling Complete Course - Beginners Level

Bachata Dance Ladies Styling Complete Course - Beginners Level

Incognito Bachata Ladies Styling Course - Beginners


Incognito Bachata Ladies Styling Course - Beginners

Welcome to our Bachata Ladies Styling Course. This is perfect for all beginners or ladies who wish to solidify their fundamental techniques. Essential for every dancer who wishes to shine and add personality to her Bachata dancing.

We have over 20 years experience in teaching Latin dance. We have developed a unique learning technique focusing on “Core Techniques” which we have identified and broken down for you in incredible detail. These “Core Techniques” are right at the centre of your learning and a fantastic way to target techniques you may be weak on.

These “Core Techniques” allow you to learn dance super fast, in a very efficient intelligent way. Minimum effort - maximum results. All perfect to get you dancing with tons of style and confidence.

Why Bachata Ladies Styling?

Are you confident in following your partner and also adding styling when you can?
Would you like to learn essential dance tips that will make you more elegant, sensual and graceful?
What do you have to learn to improve recognising the signs from your leader?
Can you spin well and finish effortlessly?
Would you like to improve your musicality?
How can you make your footwork sharp?
Would you like to take more risks on the dance floor being creative and expressive?
We explain what you can do to enhance your dancing from the basic steps into very complex shines, body movements, turns and much more. Explaining, in a simple and detailed manner, how to apply attitude to your dancing and improve your posture.

Focus on details of head, hands, use of arms, ladies’ timing, turns, spins, hip movement and how to enhance your dance with dramatic and sensual moves.

This provides a good, solid foundation and exercises in elemental concepts, such as Latin and contra-body motion, posture, finger placement and how to spot during turns. How to isolate the various parts of the body which will enhance your style!

Let’s get dancing Bachata !!!!

Course Information

Comfortable shoes or dance shoes
Clear your dance space and get ready to have fun learning dance

Bachata Dancing for ladies
Learn all the fundamental techniques in Bachata
Step by step guide by professionally trained dancer
Learn all the core techniques to help you learn fast

people who want to learn to dance

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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