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Boost Your Immune System To Help Beat Flus And Corona Virus

Boost Your Immune System To Help Beat Flus And Corona Virus

This could will help anyone who wants to become healthier, who wants to have more energy and more vitality.


Unleashing the power of fantastic health is about what you can do, and the steps you can take to bring amazing energy, great health and vitality to your life. We look at what great health looks like, and what causes disease and sickness. The body is a self-regulatory system, and its our job to look after ourselves, to help ourselves to recover from illness and to remain in good health going forward.

Health is wealth. We all know those people who always have a cold and are always run down - their immune systems aren't fighting off the germs and bacteria that are constantly out there attacking us. Corona Virus is on the rise, there's been a spike in deaths globally. Thousands of people have beat the virus, and no doubt, having a healthy immune system has contributed to their ability to survive and recover.

On this course we look at what we should be doing for good health. We look at what we shouldn't be doing, what we should be doing and busting myths and ideas. This course isn't focused on 'exercise' but more on diet, health, nutrition and what we should know. This could will help anyone who wants to become healthier, who wants to have more energy and more vitality.

A workbook is included. Download this with lecture 1, and work with us to identify good practise, and to make notes of action points and changes to make to improve your health. The course will take approx 2-3 hours to complete. Its structured around a series of lectures, and 12 steps you can take to improve your situation.

Your course tutor, is a practioner of yoga, a part time vegan and likes cycling and doing outdoor activities - such as climbing, walking and skating. "There's so much about health, what we should and shouldn't be doing, how to reduce your risk of cancer, the importance of a cleanse - that we aren't aware of, that when I started to study this material I found it so fascinating, that I just wanted to share it with others, so that they can feel as good as I do." Increasing numbers of people are being diagnosed with diabetes. More people are overweight than ever before. Yet we're living longer. Cases of autism and dementia are on the rise... there is so much to do with 'health' at the moment, that even if some things don't apply to you 'personally' - what you learn on this course can certainly help someone that you know.

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No prior knowledge is assumed or needed

Make healthier lifestyle choices
Increase their energy and vitality

Those interested in health, diet, fitness - and want to improve their overall physical wellbeing

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