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Brand & Consumer Psychology Masterclass

Brand & Consumer Psychology Masterclass

Create Emotionally Persuasive Brand Story. Turn People into Loyal Customers. Decode People's Psychological & Emotional Needs. Start Brand Psychology Now!


This program, with illustrative graphics and animations for an immersive experience, addresses the biggest challenge brands face in today's brand-eroding e-commerce age: how can I (re-) build my brand's 'Emotional Equity' and activate an emotional need for my brand?

It's very difficult. But entirely possible.

In my 20-year career spanning insights, branding and communication, and working with Fortune 500 and emerging brands in various global markets, I learned that consumer purchase decisions are never swayed solely with info on tech, quality and performance. Never. Ever.

Brands win by psychologically ‘framing’ product and brand experience, by creating a feeling of personal relevance.

Brands win by touching people emotionally.

In this program I share what I gained via hundreds of insights and brand communication projects that I carried out for companies including Unilever, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ford, L'Oreal, Tencent, Pernod Ricard, Colgate, Bosch and many others. You will gain advanced understanding of psychological insights techniques that decode critical customer needs, how to align branding & communication with people's perceptions and emotions, and how to create a brand experience in an engaging and motivating way.

Here are the tools you need to become a top-flight branding specialist: the scientific knowledge and creative inspiration you gain here is distilled to the essence of what really matters at each critical step, conveyed in a seamless journey through the whole customer insights to final brand experience crafting process.

This course is divided into 4 sections:

Reasons why and how brands fail to connect with people's fundamental emotional needs.

Critical customer insights you need for crafting a brand narrative that commands powerful emotional impact and relevance.

Applying insights: with examples from my experience, we'll construct a sharp articulation angle for a Brand Narrative to elicit a specific emotional response in the customer.

Taking brand narrative into persuasive creative communication: using dramatic storytelling, we craft brand communication that captivates emotionally. We define the Role of the Brand, we explore creative ways of marketing the story to create loyal fans and comitted customers.

Course Information

This program is for all Marketing, Branding, Communication as well as Insights specialists, from beginner to highly experienced
It is of value to anyone in the business of branding and persuasion, and who wants to make their (or their client's) brand powerful and irresistible, across product & service categories
The only thing your should bring along is a determination to become an outstanding brand story & communication specialist with the rare skills of really tapping into people's emotional needs

What will you learn
You will learn and/or sharpen your skills in:

Decoding People's real Psychological & Emotional Needs
Creating a Brand Story that Persuades Emotionally
Controlling the Emotional Impact of your Communication
Turning People into committed Fans and Loyal Customers
...and your will, as an additional benefit, stop wasting money on the wrong kind of advertising, influencer or constant discounting.

Branding / Communication / Insights & Marketing Specialists. From beginner to highly experienced. Anyone in the business of branding and persuasion.
Anyone who wants to make their (or their client's) brand powerful and irresistible, in any product & service category.

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Course Specifications

Explore Marketing courses including Marketing for Facebook, YouTube and Brand Management. 

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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