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Building Blocks Of InDesign

Building Blocks Of InDesign

If you want a full introduction to InDesign, Kirsten reviews every feature you'll ever need. We've dispensed with any fluff in this course so that every minute you spend with Kirsten will be a valuable learning experience.


Learn Adobe's premier page layout tool by creating projects from business cards to multipage catalogs.

Kirsten Rourke, your instructor for this course, is as experienced as they come. She's been working with Adobe software since the first versions of Photoshop and InDesign. Kirsten doesn't just know her stuff, she also knows how to present it in a memorable, exciting way. In each section of this project-oriented course, you won't just be learning valuable InDesign skills, you’ll also be completing exciting projects. You’ll use InDesign to create projects of increasing complexity—from business cards and FAQ sheets through to trifold brochures and catalogs. Before you know it, you'll be an InDesign expert!

This comprehensive course is for beginners, so don’t worry if you have no InDesign experience at all. If you want a full introduction to InDesign, Kirsten reviews every feature you'll ever need. We've dispensed with any fluff in this course so that every minute you spend with Kirsten will be a valuable learning experience. You'll be ready to apply the digital design skills you learn with InDesign to your work right away. Enroll now to experience the best way to learn Adobe InDesign!

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at

About the Author

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Kirsten Rourke has worked as a technical trainer and learning and development consultant for over two decades. For her, it’s not about using tools “the right way”, it’s about finding the way that makes each person faster and more efficient in their tasks. She’s worked internationally as a consultant on technology training, with a focus on Adobe software, and on improving employee performance. When not playing video games, she divides her time between eLearning development, creating videos, or writing scripts and storyboards. She can be found presenting at industry events or messing around on twitter.

Course Information

Basic knowledge of Designing

Understand the InDesign interface and metaphors
Create different-sized documents
Use color, color libraries, and custom colors
Adjust typography in documents, including advanced typographic features such as tabs
Manage links and resolve problems with links
Flow text between columns and pages
Place images and make text run around an image
Manage fonts
Prepare a document for PDF distribution
Prepare a document for print distribution
Use guides for document production
Explore grid layouts and related tools
Use InDesign to create several types of common project

Designers who want to use the premier print design tool: Adobe inDesign
People who want to create complex documents for print and PDF
Teachers and students who want to use inDesign as part of their workflow

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