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Business Analysis & Scrum Agile for Business Analysts

Business Analysis & Scrum Agile for Business Analysts

Learn Business Analysis & Scrum Agile Implementation- Learn BA knowledge Areas, write BRD, create Product Backlog & Download Free CV.


About this Course
Are you looking for IT jobs or Business Analyst jobs or promotion?

Learn Business Analysis & Scrum Agile Implementation- Learn BA knowledge Areas, write BRD, create Product Backlog & Download Free CV.

You will understand the various concepts of scrum like scrum product backlog, scrum roles like product owner, scrum master etc.

This course will focus on following;

BA Approach Planning
Stakeholder Engagement Planning
BA Information and Governance Planning
Requirement Elicitation Techniques and how to select a good one for your project?
Planning and Conducting Requirement Elicitation.
Requirement and Solution Management including SMART Requirements/Objectives, Verify, Validate and Maintain Requirements for Reuse.
Requirement Modeling
How to write professional end to end Business Requirement Documents (BRD).
Scrum Agile Fundamentals
Why Scrum is better than Waterfall
Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum Roles & Scrum agile Overview
How To Write Product Backlogs and User Stories in scrum
How To Prepare & use Burndown charts in scrum
Various business analysis concepts like prioritization, base-lining, change control process, etc.
This course will be helpful if you are preparing for IIBA's certification like ECBA, CCBA or CBAP.
Content of this course is aligned with IIBA’s BABOK guide so if you are planning for IIBA’s certification like CBAP, you will find this course useful. Please note that this course is a supplemental material. Even if you don't purchase this course, make sure to completely read BABOK guide before your IIBA's Exam.

So whether you are looking for a business analyst jobs, business analysis certifications or business analysis courses online, it can help you.


None but interest in the field of Business Analysis is needed.
Also you will need a computer(or phone) with internet to access the videos on Simpliv
Course Output

By the end of this course, you will be able to write your own BRD(Business Requirement Document).
You will be able to understand the concept and practices of business analysis.
You will know more about the roles and responsibilities of the business analyst.
This course will be helpful for those who are preparing for IIBA's certifications like CCBA, CBAP etc.
Basic knowledge
Interest in the field of Business Analysis

Course Information

Interest in the field of Business Analysis

What you will learn
Business Analysis Fundamental and Practical Application
Scrum Agile fundamentals, Estimations, Roles, Events & Overview
Understand various knowledge Areas of Business Analysis mentioned in BABOK
Perform Requirement Elicitation
Write Business Requirement Documents, Template available as Free Resource
Prepare for Business Analyst Jobs & if working, perform better business analysis
Stakeholder Management & Coordination
Understand Project Scope, Requirement Prioritization and Change Control Process
Download Free Sample IT Business Analyst Resume/CV
Implement Scrum Agile

Anybody who is preparing for IIBA's Certifications like CCBA, CBAP & need additional resource
Anybody who is preparing for a business analyst job
Junior To Mid Level Business Analysts who are looking to improve their knowledge and skills
Programmers and Project Managers who are looking to increase their understanding of business analysis & Scrum Agile
Anyone who want to learn Business Analysis & Scrum Agile

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