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Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management is the approach that an organisation uses to guide its activities towards established goals.


Business Performance Management is the approach that an organisation uses to guide its activities towards established goals.

The organisation’s Mission defines its purpose, and its strategy lays out the plan for achieving those goals. Business Performance Management is about setting the performance measures to gauge progress towards the goals; analysing and presenting performance data; and planning actions necessary to keep the organisation on track towards its goals.

These are the topics covered in this course.

The course is divided into four parts:

Part 1: Concepts in Managing Business Performance
Part 2: Models of Business Performance Management
Part 3: Measuring, Managing and Improving Business Performance
Part 4: The Business Performance Management Exercise
The key topics covered in this course include:

A brief history of Business Performance Management
Principles of Business Performance Management
Models of Business Performance Management
Critical Success Factors and Performance Measures
From Organisational Measures to Operational Metrics
Analysing Performance Data
Improving Business Performance
There are examples, exercises, projects and tests throughout the course to aid your learning

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Course Information

There are no course pre-requisites

The Definition and Function of Business Performance Management
The Activities in Business Performance Management
A History of Business Performance Management
Modern Models of Business Performance Management
The Purpose of Management
Mission and Strategy
Principles of Performance Management
Management by Objectives
The Performance Pyramid
The Balanced Scorecard
The Lean Philosophy
Benefits Realisation
The Problem with Financial Metrics
The Three Levels of Performance Measures
From Critical Success Factors to Performance Measures
Principles for Effective Reporting
Managing and improving business performance
The Problem Statement, Goal Statement and tools for Root Cause Analysis
Key Learning Points

Small business owners like:
Restaurant owners, veterinary clinics, doctors,
small retail stores, small apparel stores,
companies that provide products or services to local markets.
People who need marketing ideas for small businesses
Business Owners that are on top of EVERY aspect of operation and need a fresh perspective.
People who run a small business with or without the use of ERP or advanced software to assist them with Business Data and Results.
Business Owners who are not sure of their business performance and profitability.
Entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting their own buisiness.
Small Business Managers

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