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Creative Layout Design For Websites And Mobile Apps

Creative Layout Design For Websites And Mobile Apps

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and confidence to design and build smooth design layouts for the website as well as mobile applications.


Advanced Layout Design Techniques - Explained in simple ways.

The design layout of your website determines how your web design unfolds the story of your business. A good layout can drastically increase your user engagement in a very short period of time. This course begins by introducing you to various layout formats including flower and masonry grid layouts. As you progress through the sections, you will learn to build layouts using different permutations of columns. You will grasp the basic functionalities such as grids, gutters, and margins and implement them creatively. In later chapters, you will understand how you can come up with a rule that can enhance your layout design. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and confidence to design and build smooth design layouts for the website as well as mobile applications. All the code and supporting files are available at

About The Author

Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz started his Freelance Design Career 10 years ago and learned everything the hard way. He went from scratch to end up working for FORTUNE 500 companies like INTEL, PANASONIC, and Coca Cola. In just 10 years of Serious UI Designing, he made his place on DRIBBBLE. Working with Art Directors from Coca Cola and Project Managers from the UK, he learned a lot in a short period of time. He has also Improved User Experience of UK GP Tools Mobile App, few Games and e-commerce websites and created new Design patterns for showing passwords safely in password fields. Muhammad has also Worked from App Icon Design to App UI Design, from wire-frames, prototypes and Mockups Design. He has a hunger for perfecting User Interface from all aspects. Being a multi-talented person who has won a Gold Medal and a nation-wide Poster Design competition from PANASONIC many Landing Page design contests on 99designs. Having worked with clients all over the world mostly from the USA, Australia, UK, and United Arab Emirates has taught him a lot on how to deal with clients while freelancing and how to present your work to them.

Course Information

Design Android app UI

Use one, two, and multi-column layouts
Apply flower layouts
Apply the masonry grid layout
Grasp the usage of grids, gutters, and margins
Use margins creatively in Website or Mobile App Layouts
Use out of the box and overlapping methods in layout design
Figure out one simple rule that can make your layout superb

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Beginner Designers
Graphic Designers
Mobile App Designers
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UX Designers

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