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Customizing And Administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customizing And Administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This course shows you how to create new entities that store various details for your business and build forms to ease up data management for users of the CRM.


Discover the world of Dynamics CRM and learn how to customize and administer it to improve your business.

This course shows you how to create new entities that store various details for your business and build forms to ease up data management for users of the CRM. We also explore other features such as building new business processes, creating business rules, and validations to ensure that quality data is stored in the system. Moving on, we show you how to administrate the CRM by enabling user access, setting up data security, and doing other common configurations. We also show you how to provide a better help experience for users with guided help, and finally, we look at the various aspects of enabling customized processes for phones and businesses. While covering all of these topics, we’ll also talk about the best practices you should follow to ensure great overall system performance.

About The Author

Piyush Paliwal has worked as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for more than half a decade and has been associated with Microsoft for a few years now. During this time frame, he helped various customers manage their sales pipeline by bringing their business processes into Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365, which is what we have today. In his free time, he usually goes for a drive or swims.

Course Information

Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality and relational databases

Get to know the concepts of customization and administration
Know how to decide which business process option to choose from of the various available ones, and when
Understand security concepts to ensure the right people have access to the right data
Visualize CRM data with customized dashboards, charts, and views
Change the look and feel of the CRM and make it more personalized for your organization
Customize features that are available for mobile and tablet clients
Get an introduction to the xRM platform and see how to extend the CRM capabilities with it
Resources to help you keep the learning mode always on

This course begins with the assumption that you have basic knowledge of working with Dynamics CRM.

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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