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Develop And Deploy Modern Web Applications With Docker

Develop And Deploy Modern Web Applications With Docker

You’ll learn to test your back-end services, perform checks, and analyze your pipeline according to the project requirements.


Dockerize your application and get a full walkthrough from development to production.

Docker is a tool for containerizing applications with all their dependencies and deploy them into a production environment . Modern web applications are complex affairs consisting of interdependencies between frontend code, backend, and frameworks.

Do you find it difficult to deploy web applications and maintain dependencies? If so, this course will help you containerize your applications. You'll be able to work on complex operations without blocking your end users in the UI interface and do it easily by splitting the functionality in microservices.

You’ll learn to test your back-end services, perform checks, and analyze your pipeline according to the project requirements. You’ll also understand the failures, check code coverage, and diagnose it. And if you still find any issues after deploying, then you can easily tackle them by editing and building after deployment.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to deploy complex web applications easily and tackle any issues. So, grab this course to make your work easy as a developer!

About the Author

Muhammad Atif Ramzan works as a technical lead for a well-known telecom operator, as a DevOps Lead. He has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication and after obtaining this, he switched to the technical aspects of IT and telecommunications to get a feel for the industry.

He has worked with different parts of the IT industry including software and networks and has diverse technology experience. He has deployed a full production VOIP solution on Kubernetes and Docker. He has also authored other video courses with at Packt on Mastering Centos 7 Linux Server and Kubernetes Recipes. He holds multiple IT certifications from LPIC, Cisco, Microsoft, cPanel, and Citrix.

Course Information

Basic Knowledge of Angular, Node , React is required

Get to know Docker and containerization
Explore Docker’s main interface, CLI
Leverage Docker-hub—a repository of pre-defined containers
Use the Docker maven plugin to automate your deployment pipeline
Create your own Docker images that consist of multiple layers
Dockerize your microservices
Use Docker compose for more complex setups

Anyone who want to fully understand how Docker technology works and learn how Docker technology is being used in the field.
DevOps, Developers, or QAs who want to advance their career by improving their DevOps skills.
Developers who want to learn how to develop and deploy containerized modern web applications with a micro-service approach.

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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