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Developing With MongoDB

Developing With MongoDB

Comprehensive tutorial to help you master the complex querying and advanced data modeling concepts in MongoDB.


Comprehensive tutorial to help you master the complex querying and advanced data modeling concepts in MongoDB.

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database in the market today. With support for real-time analytics, it is being used by many big enterprises for efficient and fast processing of data. The importance of NoSQL databases, and particularly MongoDB, has also increased with the rise of IoT.Spanning over 4 hours, this tutorial will show you how you can get the most out of MongoDB’s advanced features with ease. After getting a quick overview of the basics of MongoDB, you will directly jump to covering the concepts related to advanced data modelling, complex querying, indexing and database operations.

You will also implement a highly available MongoDB database for high performance by implementing techniques like sharding, aggregation and replication. Finally, you will also cover aspects like cloud deployment which is important when it comes to web applications, and integration with Hadoop for fast and efficient Big Data processing.By the end of this tutorial, you will have mastered all the concepts of MongoDB when it comes to querying, data modelling and the other database operations.

About the Author

Rick Copeland is the Principal Consultant of Arborian Consulting, which provides MongoDB and Python-focused consulting, training, and custom development services. Rick has been using MongoDB since 2009 and Python since 2005, and has spoken at various user groups and conferences on both topics. He is a member of the Python Software Foundation and the Masters of MongoDB.

Course Information

If you are a database developer, administrator or someone with a basic understanding of the features of MongoDB and now want to go a step beyond to master the advanced offerings of MongoDB, this is the video for you

How to become immediately productive with MongoDB
How to model your data in MongoDB for optimal performance
How to analyze, optimize, and scale your MongoDB clusters
How MongoDB integrates into the larger world of analytics and big data

Angular developers who want to apply their Angular/Typescript skills on the back end to create RESTful web services
Intermediate JavaScript developers who want to dive into back-end development
Any developers willing to apply TypeScript on the back-end
Developers eager to learn how to develop performant, secure and production-ready REST APIs following best practices
Developers who want to learn how to deploy their application to the cloud (Amazon Web Services)
Developers who want to follow building a practical, real-world application from zero to production

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