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This programme is designed to give participants in-depth knowledge of what marketing means in the digital world.


The modern consumer is constantly evolving, as
are the marketing technologies businesses use
to attract and connect with potential customers.
It is important for business leaders and other
professionals to understand the changes in
consumption, expectations and digital adoption
in order to reach a wider audience and create
long-lasting engagement. By gaining key
insights on the impact the Internet and social
media have on consumer behaviour, you can
transform the marketing strategies, processes
and frameworks that are vital to growing your
business and/or market share.
This programme is designed to give
participants in-depth knowledge of what
marketing means in the digital world.
Participants will be exposed to current practices
in the digital marketing landscape via recorded
video lectures by industry experts, peer
discussions, a real-world case analysis, and
more throughout the programme.

Course Information

If your role includes building a brand for your company, leveraging
customer journey insights to drive better engagement, developing
communication strategies for the digital age, or creating better
solutions for clients that are based on the latest in digital marketing
and analytics, you will benefit most from this programme.

Representative roles and industries that can benefit include:

Sales and marketing professionals and managers

Brand and communications directors and managers

Consultants in business and marketing, global marketing,
marketing and communications, marketing management, and public relations

Consumer-driven industries where digital marketing applications are critical, including banking and
finance, healthcare, retail, IT products and services, advertising, healthcare,
education, FMCG, and automotive

This programme will bring together the art and science perspectives of digital
marketing. It introduces you to an understanding of how customers behave with the immense use of digital technology, so with the help of psychology, you will be able to use frameworks and tools available to craft digital strategies to better reach, engage and retain customers.

What Will This Programme Do For You?
Here are the specific digital marketing challenges you will better be able to address, after taking the programme:

Understand how the internet and social media impact consumer behaviour and expectations

Identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience and engagement through customer journey mapping

Describe the best practices and future of digital marketing

Use digital marketing models, processes, frameworks, and analytics tools to develop strategies and measure success

Leverage paid advertising to maximise reach,engagement and conversions on social media and search engine platforms

Programme Highlights
This programme analyses the impact of the Internet on consumer behaviour and dives into
the strategies and tactics used to connect with customers through digital marketing channels
and measure the success via key metrics.

Video Lectures
Discussion Boards
Case Analysis

Guest Speakers
The programme will feature presentations and interviews from leading industry experts on various
aspects of digital marketing.

In addition to the up-to-date theoretical framework and foundation of digital
marketing, you will learn and experience cutting-edge digital advertising and marketing
methods that are highly practical. We are excited to bring you a unique
combination of academic theories and practical tactics for your success in digital

Course Specifications

Explore Marketing courses including Marketing for Facebook, YouTube and Brand Management. 

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Online education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction. 

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Course duration is from 1 to 3 months.

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