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Divi Best Plugin Create WordPress Website Without Coding

Divi Best Plugin Create WordPress Website Without Coding

It allows you to create a Wordpress website from scratch, and to personalize pages of an existing Wordpress site.



Divi is a powerful visual editor for Wordpress. It allows you to create and modify web pages without coding. It allows you to create a Wordpress website from scratch, and to personalize pages of an existing Wordpress site. Divi is both a page builder and a theme. The page builder allows you to edit any page from a Wordpress theme. It is thus possible to create original pages, with a freedom that you will not have just by using Wordpress. Everything is done by click and drop, which means that you do not need to know how to code, you edit your pages easily as in Wordpress but using the power of Divi to create your pages. The Divi theme allows you to create a website from scratch. You have total freedom. It is possible to use the theme builder to create a header, main sections and a footer, and to choose which pages to apply them. By taking the Divi license, you will have access to all of these features.

Why use Divi

- You can customize your pages on your Wordpress site

- You can use the power of the Divi theme

- You can create a website without coding

Training video

In this training I will show you how to use Divi. You will see how to install Divi, both the theme and the page builder. You will then see how to use the different modules, which will allow you to build pages, both for a Wordpress theme and for a Divi theme. You will see the theme builder to create a Wordpress site from scratch. Finally I will show you an example of a simple website using the Divi theme.

Course Information

You need to have wifi connection

You need to have WordPress host

Install Divi

Use Divi page builder

Use Divi theme

Use Divi in Wordpress

Understand the principles of Divi

Create website from scratch with Divi

Edit pages from Divi theme

Use the different modules

Use the sections

Use the rows

Edit parameters

Those interested in learning to build websites using open-source and free tools should take this course.
Those familiar with WordPress, who need a deeper understanding of how all the parts fit together, should take this course.
Those new to Wordpress, but looking for a complete system for creating and managing professional websites for clients or themselves, should take this course.

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