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Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons

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About this Course
This online guitar course will cover mastering the basics of learning how to play frets, tune the guitar, good exercises to warm up, playing in time strumming chords, playing songs like Stand By Me by Ben E. King, Diablo Rojo by Pascuala Llabaca, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, how to play a song in 6/8 timing, introduction to plucking, playing with bass notes, learning the reggae strum and how to play bar chords on the guitar. Suitable for beginners of all ages.


Proper techniques of holding, tuning and playing guitar
Different strumming patterns and chords for the guitar
To read guitar notation and play some popular tunes
Learn from 46 video lessons averaging 2.5 mins a lesson


1. Beginner guitarists
2. Musicians
3. Teachers and students to have new material for classes or study

* Control the speed at which you learn with lifetime access to the course
* Accessible on mobile or desktop with an internet connection

* Share or gift this course to friends, musicians, students, teachers and guitar lovers

Thank you for reading and any support ♥

Basic knowledge
Smart phone or guitar tuner

Course Information

Smart phone or guitar tuner

What you will learn
Learn the basics of the guitar and the notes
Learn how to tune the guitar
Learn how to play guitar frets properly
How to read commonly used guitar language
How to play in time
Chromatic scale exercises to help you play quarter, eighth, sixteenth and triplet notes
Apply different types of strumming techniques
Learn how to play a song from Chile called Diablo Rojo by Pascuala Llabaca
Learn some techniques for finger picking
Learn how to play a song in 6/8 timing with bass notes
Learn how to play Stand By Me by Ben E King in the key of G
How to learn and play a melody
How to play I'm yours by Jason Mraz and to apply the reggae strum

This course is designed for complete beginners. You don't need any prior experience with the drums or music to get started

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