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Elasticsearch 5.X Solutions - Node And Cluster Management

Elasticsearch 5.X Solutions - Node And Cluster Management

Get deep knowledge on the node and cluster management aspects of Elasticsearch.


Get deep knowledge on the node and cluster management aspects of Elasticsearch.

This highly practical course focuses primarily on the node and cluster management aspects of Elasticsearch. The video contains recipes and hands-on solutions to backing up and restoring your nodes and clusters in Elasticsearch, as well as working with user interfaces.

About The Author

Alberto Paro is an engineer, project manager, and software developer. He currently works as freelance trainer/consultant on big data technologies and NoSQL solutions. He loves to study emerging solutions and applications mainly related to big data processing, NoSQL, natural language processing, and neural networks. He began programming in BASIC on a Sinclair Spectrum when he was eight years old, and to date, has collected a lot of experience using different operating systems, applications, and programming languages. In 2000, he graduated in computer science engineering from Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on designing multiuser and multidevice web applications. He assisted professors at the university for about a year. He then came in contact with The Net Planet Company and loved their innovative ideas; he started working on knowledge management solutions and advanced data mining products. In summer 2014, his company was acquired by a big data
Technologies company, where he worked until the end of 2015 mainly using Scala and
Python on state-of-the-art big data software (Spark, Akka, Cassandra, and YARN). In 2013,
He started freelancing as a consultant for big data, machine learning, Elasticsearch and other
NoSQL products. He has created or helped to develop big data solutions for business
Intelligence, financial, and banking companies all over the world. A lot of his time is spent
Teaching how to efficiently use big data solutions (mainly Apache Spark), NoSql datastores
(Elasticsearch, HBase, and Accumulo) and related technologies (Scala, Akka, and
Playframework). He is often called to present at big data or Scala events. He is an evangelist
On Scala and Scala.js (the transcompiler from Scala to JavaScript).

Course Information

JSON, Java and related technologies

Control cluster health and state via an API
Use the task management and Hot thread API
Manage repositories
Manage Kibana dashboards
Visualize data with Kibana
Look at PUT, GET, and DELETE an ingest pipeline
Built-in and Grok processors

If you are a developer who wants to get the most out of Elasticsearch for advanced search and analytics, this is the video for you.

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