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Electronic & Electrical Devices Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Electronic & Electrical Devices Maintenance & Troubleshooting

A comprehensive Course that helps you in learning and dealing professionally with electronic components and electronic device maintenance.


This Electronic & Electrical Devices Maintenance & Troubleshooting course is intended for those interested in learning electronics and electrical devices and board troubleshooting. 56 Lecture | 4.5 Hour of HD Content | 2 Hour of Practical Videos | Electronic Maintenance Book | Practical Electronics and Electrical Test

What you will get when you join this course?

More than 2.5 Hours of Practical Videos
Access to Electronic and Electrical Practical Test Course
Access to our Best Selling Amazon Book (Basics of Electronic Components Book) and How to deal with each item
Access to more than 56 Lecture in Full HD
Access to More than 4.5 Hour of Video Content
A comprehensive Course that helps you in learning and dealing professionally with electronic components and electronic device maintenance.

Welcome to this course.

Topics that we will be discussed during the Introduction to Electronic Components Course are listed here in a brief outline.

What do you need to start troubleshooting
Tools needed to get the job done
Common electrical and electronic Components
Troubleshooting steps
Measure concerns and how to deal with different situations
Testing tools and how to test different components
The Components of Electricity
Volt-Ohm-Meter Basics (Measuring Electricity)
Circuit Diagrams Basics (Electronic Roadmaps)
The Resistor
Ohm’s Law
The Capacitor
The Inductor
The Diode
The Transistor (Electronic Valves)
What students are saying about our previous Electronic Component Course:

André stenberg says, "This is a nice introduction course to those who would like to learn the basics of electronics."
Mike Mackley says, "It's covering the topic and establishing the basics very well."
Sunil Thakur says, "Great course for beginning in electronics, especially enjoyed the water analogy part to make learning easier."
Qays Qaysaneah says, "Clear and Simple, and that is so nice :)"

Course Information

A multimeter
A breadboard, jumper wires and a battery
Resistors, capacitors, LEDs, diodes, transistors, voltage regulators

Understand the concepts of voltage, resistance and current
Understand the VOLT OHM Meter/ Digital Multi Meter and how to use safely
Use Ohm's Law to calculate voltage, current and resistance
Use resistors in various configurations
Understand and use capacitors
Understand and use diodes
Understand and use a transistor

Anyone with a need to brush up their knowledge of basic electron

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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