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Entrepreneurship & Personality

Entrepreneurship & Personality

It is important to be true to yourself and practice authentic connections in spite of the fear of judgement and rejection.


Would you like to become a self- confident inspired entrepreneur?

Learn what drives and motivates entrepreneurs to succeed.

Discover if it is right to follow passion, and when it becomes obsession.

Gain a deeper insight into intuition, and why entrepreneurs do need it.

It is important to be true to yourself and practice authentic connections in spite of the fear of judgement and rejection.

As an entrepreneur you should be ready to embrace failures, and bounce back from entrepreneurial grief.

Since ancient times patience has been identified as an important aspect of virtue, and related to spiritual transcendence.

Gain ideas how to practice patience, and achieve the feeling of bliss.

Inspiration is a predictor of creativity.

Learn how to fire the soul of an entrepreneur, and why it is vital to be an inspired entrepreneur.

This course containing 23 lectures and 3,5 hours of video will walk you through the connection of entrepreneurship with intuition, passion, obsession, faith, patience, inspiration, flow.

You will gain more insights into entrepreneurship, and how to become a self-confident inspired entrepreneur.

Basic knowledge
Being patient. Being open-minded. Having love of learning

Course Information

Being patient. Being open-minded. Having love of learning

What will you learn
You will gain a deeper insight into entrepreneurial intuition
You will gain ideas why your business reflects your personality
You will understand when entrepreneurial passion becomes "obsession"
You will have an idea what abilities distinguish entrepreneurs from other people
You will gain ideas what drives entrepreneurs to succeed
You will learn about resources vs resourcefulness
You will gain insights how to overcome entrepreneurial grief and failures
You will find out why patience is vital in entrepreneurship
You will discover how to achieve the state of flow
You will have an understanding about inspiration, and why it is important for entrepreneurs

Who this course is for:

Anyone considering pursuing entrepreneurship
Novice entrepreneurs
Anyone interested in entrepreneur's personality
Anyone interested how intuition helps decision-making
Entrepreneurs experiencing failure, burnout and grief
Anyone interested in practicing patience
Anyone interested why inspiration matters
Anyone interested in agile mindset
Anyone interested in achieving the state of flow

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