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Excel VBA Arrays & Functions Series 3

Excel VBA Arrays & Functions Series 3

How to use arrays with VBA loops and if functions. They work like magic together. You should have basic knowledge of Loops and IF functions including nested Ifs


About this Course
In session of this course you will learn:

What are the arrays in VBA? Why we use them? Why they are so powerful and holds so much weightage in VBA learning. Deep level discussion on Arrays from very basic level to super advanced levels using examples
What is their by-default index system and how we can change it using option base? How to declare option base and if it can be used for all types of arrays or not
What are static and dynamic arrays? Which one we should choose or how we can change static to dynamic
How to use arrays with VBA loops and if functions. They work like magic together. You should have basic knowledge of Loops and IF functions including nested IFs
How to use dim or redim statements. Their real use in projects. How to use variable value in arrays and what is the purpose of using them in arrays
How to use split function, one of the best function we can use in arrays. How arrays work under split function
How option base 1 works for arrays created by split function
How to change or modify the size of Arrays - How many times array can be declared with in a sub routine and while modifying the arrays do we lose the existing values or can keep them while adding new values
What is the use of preserve word in arrays and how we can use it to hold the values? What happens if we do not use them. How and where we use them. A complete discussion on its use
For more understanding on arrays tutorial, we are discussing amazing Projects. Only for you. In-depth discussion
We have several important Questions discussed from the VBA interview perspective as well
For more confidence and to handle complex situations we have Assignments also. My online assistance will be given to you whenever you have any doubts or questions on this forum
In second session you will learn:

We are learning everything about VBA functions from their definitions to their practical use in excel day to day work life. Students after this series will be able to develop any kind of complex function if they do not find it in excel library. This series is a must for VBA developers or students who want to take their programming skills to a new height. Without VBA Functions you simply cannot make impactful projects as functions are our day to day need
Lessons are started from very basic understanding and gradually moving toward advanced levels. How to write or create your own functions - user-defined functions UDFs
The advantage of UDFs over Inbuilt excel functions. From limitations to dealing with complex situations - I have got everything for you. Many amazing projects are shared in the series
Can we pass in parameters in subroutines? How to call functions from excel sheets or subroutines
What is the process of passing parameters from a subroutine to a function and how it is useful for us?
You will see the use of functions practically as well and their powerful and unique combinations with loops and arrays. Must watch for wannabe developers
Inbuilt functions of VBA - How they are the same and different at the same time from excel inbuilt functions. A great amount of discussion on this point by discussing projects which used VBA Vlookup with Loops and provided astonishing results
UDFs - User-defined functions in VBA - Fundamentally going strong - Create any type of function now and be a great VBA Developer
Preparing you for your VBA interview as well while teaching functions to you. Questions asked in your VBA Interview
Assignments are added to give you real exposure
We must do the assignments after watching the entire series and see how well we have done
Different approaches to use VBA inbuilt functions - one is using a macro recorder, and the other one is writing the entire function yourself. Which one is better?
My online support forever for you in case you need to ask any question or have any doubts related to function series
Basic knowledge
Good in variables concepts and very good understanding of Loops and collection loops with if functions

Course Information

Good in variables concepts and very good understanding of Loops and collection loops with if functions

What you will learn

Take this course if you want to increase the SPEED of your macros and be more efficient. No prior programming knowledge is needed, but it helps.
If you want to learn the basic of Arrays - even if you don't use Excel VBA - Arrays work very similarly in other programs. This course primarily covers Excel VBA Arrays though.
If you want to know the hidden secrets of Excel for speed, and heightened data manipulation skills, this course is for you.
Anyone looking for the next step in their Excel Ninja skillset.
If you need a simple explanation for a complex topic (Arrays) in a way that you can take and immediately use.

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