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Find The Right Style Of Meditation For You

Find The Right Style Of Meditation For You

Test out a variety of meditation techniques to find your favorite.


Not everyone has the same favorite food. Not everyone enjoys the same workout program or has the same taste in music. Why should meditation be any different?

Test out a variety of meditation techniques to find your favorite.

If you are new to meditation, you might be overwhelmed by the marketplace of different meditation techniques. Should you be practicing mindfulness of breathing? Should you have your very own mantra? What on earth do those Zen masters mean when they say "Just sit"?

Or maybe you have been meditating for quite some time but haven't found the success you hoped for. You may be thinking that the style of meditation you have been practicing doesn't actually work, and that there is a better technique out there.

So what should you do?

The truth is, there is no right answer as to the best way to meditate. Just like there is no right answer as to what the best sport to play is. It depends on the person. If you are seven feet tall, you are better suited for basketball than gymnastics. The same principle applies in meditation.

The key to success in meditation is to find the right technique for you.

This course contains ten guided meditations culled from a variety of traditions for you to sample. Among the techniques you will learn are:

Metta, or Loving-Kindness Meditation
Walking Meditation
Mindfulness of Breathing
Body Scanning
Fire Kasina
And many more...

By finding the right style of meditation for you, your practice will become fun, easy and you will make rapid progress in improving your concentration and decreasing stress.

Course Information

No prerequisites required

Learn 10 different styles of Meditation
Figure out which style of meditation works best for you
Have a variety of meditative techniques in your toolbox
Learn how to calm your mind
Improve your ability to focus

Anyone with an interest in meditation
Anyone wanting to decrease stress, increase focus, serenity and well-being

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