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Game Design With Unity 2019

Game Design With Unity 2019

You’ll learn how to use lights to create a different mood for games. After finishing the level design, you’ll add your player to the game level.


Conceptualize and design your game using Unity game engine

If you’re serious about becoming a game designer, then this course is the perfect companion. This extensive guide will help you graduate from beginner to expert-level techniques in the areas of 3D game design (Unity3D), computer animation, digital painting, and programming. You’ll work on different design tools such as Unity3D, Blender, and Photoshop to gain comprehensive knowledge that will help you create your very own game assets. You’ll learn techniques such as modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering complex 3D models and scenes. This way, you’ll be able to work in game design, film, or software development by gaining an expert understanding of the Unity game engine. You’ll import and integrate game assets created in Blender into Unity. You’ll learn to design beautiful game levels using built-in tools of the Unity game engine. You’ll learn how to use lights to create a different mood for games. After finishing the level design, you’ll add your player to the game level. Just like all of our previous sections in this Mastering series, you’ll start off by learning the basics with fun project-based lessons, before moving on to more intermediate and advanced techniques. The code bundle for this video course is available at -

About the Author

Raja Biswas is a passionate learner and teacher. He has developed video courses on game development and computer programming. His YouTube Channel Charger Games has garnered over 4.5 million views and has about 40k subscribers. He has about 15k+ enrolled students in his video courses on various platforms. He has published courses and videos on different platforms including Udemy, StackSocial, Skillshare, and YouTube.

Course Information

Basic knowledge of Unity is useful to take this course

Create your own game assets with Unity and modify various properties
Design a beautiful level using the terrain tools in Unity
Develop colorful and vibrant levels for interesting gameplay
Implement the particle system in Unity and create engaging particle effects
Implement lighting in Unity: explore bake lighting and other great features
Import and integrate game assets created in Blender into Unity
Create game designs for a fun-action first-person shooter
Use Unity’s post-processing stack to add a professional look to your game scenes

This course is for game artists, level designers, and creative professionals who want to use the Unity game engine to design amazing games.

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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