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Harmony & Arranging 4 Classical, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar! Master How To Arrange Like A PRO Any M

Harmony & Arranging 4 Classical, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar! Master How To Arrange Like A PRO Any M

This ends now. Let's begin today to learn the art of harmony and harmonization on guitar.


Stop trying to say 'ABC' faster and faster on guitar! Learn the art of HARMONY and HARMONIZATION. When it comes to music, this is the stuff that tells the men from the boys!

It's time to learn harmony and the art of harmonization on guitar and use the incredibly effective techniques the best composers used for HUNDREDS of years! This is not a washed down harmony course like the generic, and MEDIOCRE ones you see around. I have myself learned these skills on CLASSICAL PIANO, not guitar. But don't worry, you won't have to practice gruelling hours at the piano, because I have done that part for you and I can now DIRECTLY translate all the best things I learned, ON GUITAR. You, my friend, are in luck.

One can learn to play fast....but put him next to a real musician who plays real music by masterfully using melody and harmony, and the fast guy will shrink into insignificance. As the composer Schumann famously said: 'I don't understand these people. They say ABC faster and faster!'.

Do you want to use the power of harmony and harmonization in YOUR own arrangements on guitar? Do you want to master harmony , the one thing most players never master, or learn in a 'unfinished business that will never finish' way? Aren't sure how to take any known (or your own) melody, and harmonize/arrange it EFFECTIVELY, without weaknesses or weird results? No unfinished business with me. Follow my plans and the results are guaranteed.

Don't even know what to do, how to start, and especially, WHAT CRITERIAS to use in a PRO harmonization, NOT an AMATEURISH one?

Join me in this FAST PACED, intense course. I have edited out any pauses, even the very short ones, so one minute from me is more valuable and packs more powerful info than 5 minutes from someone else. I am not here to waste your time, not even a minute. I am here to teach you what worked GREAT for me, because I never teach anything I haven't mastered myself first. EVER! Stop watching a million you tube videos a day believing the illusion that you will master music by doing that. You need to start and finish one thing at a time, step-by-step. That's the only way that really works, as I have found out at my expense.

There are many things you have to consider when harmonizing or arranging.

Harmonizing and arranging like a pro on guitar is much more than just blindly selecting some chords by ear and hope for the best. Yet that's EXACTLY what most players do. And more often than not, this only leads to weak, boring, mediocre, weird-sounding and ineffective music! AAAARGH!

We do NOT want to be boring and mediocre musicians. And we won't !

How do you make your harmonization STAND OUT and instill meaning and emotion in it? Which chords should you select to harmonize with the melody notes above the bass? How do you know that this chord a great choice, and that chord a poor one, even before you hear it ? Yes. The study of harmony allows you to do things the fast ABC guy will never get.

We will learn truly powerful music theory for guitar. Not the kind that you hear once and will never use because it is explained in a superficial and mediocre way and finds no practical applications, but the type that you hear once and makes you go: 'Wow. That seems pretty powerful!'; concepts you will use, very effectively, to do your own thing on the instrument, as a music creator, not just a music performer. I care about how I perform, too, but I don't limit myself to that only. I do my own thing on the instrument, and that makes me way happier. You will be happier too once you put all these powerful tools together.

We will learn exactly which are the best chords to use, and why, and how to use them to make a neat harmonization of a melody. From then on, you are just a step away from making a full, professional arrangement.

But, get your harmonization wrong, and your arrangement will NEVER be a good one. EVER. So it's vital you get the harmonization right, because that's really the most important step in your arrangement.

You will see the TAB on screen as I explain everything and tell you what to do and what not to do. Because the latter is as important as the former, if not more important.

You will be on a sure and well guided path on how to easily and effectively harmonize a good melody on guitar and make it YOUR OWN. This is a skill that often not even concert guitarists have at all! Most of them only play notes off a score. Sure, that's admirable too, and useful to master the instrument. I do that A LOT too, and as serious musician MUST learn to play someone else's great music. But if that is ALL you do, it's BORING. I don't know about you, but ME, I want to do my own thing and express myself, not someone else.

Reading a great book is very instructive, but so is WRITING YOUR OWN. Playing the Giuliani Variations op. 45 is great, but being able to play Giuliani AND my own stuff is much better! More satisfying, you don't feel too overshadowed by the great composer whose works you learned. You feel super confident as a guitarist. You don't feel mediocre like so many other players are, no matter how fast they play!

I will break down each bar and tell you the secrets of effective harmonization on guitar. Trust me, I have seen only RUBBISH books about this on guitar, and so far I have certainly not seen video courses on this vitally important area for a pro musician, except very superficial ones. They are a mess. I am not going to waste your time with how clever my terms sounds; my goal is to have my student reach theirs, because that's what I believe a good instructor should do.

At the end of the course you will have learned many secrets that take most players years (as it took for ME). And I am talking about the pro ones; the other ones will probably will never make it to that phase.

Harmonization and harmony are incredibly rewarding for a musician: without this vital skill, your arrangements will always sound poor and mediocre. I am seeing all the time poor arrangements because the harmonization are poor. Even from pros and teachers! It's shocking.

This ends now. Let's begin today to learn the art of harmony and harmonization on guitar.

Course Information

Be able to read TABS
Know minor and major chords in the key of G, and
Know basic theory such as intervals, i.e. thirds, fifths, etc

How to harmonize correctly and effectively any famous melodies, (or your own melodies)
Top notch music theory you won't find in the majority of guitar methods

Early intermediate to late intermediate

• Lifetime Access to Each Course
• Certificate on Completion of Course
• No Extra Charges Or Admin Fees
• Easy Access to Courses
• High Priority Support After Sales.
• Big Discounts on Individual Courses

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