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How To Find What Any Word In The Bible Means

How To Find What Any Word In The Bible Means

With How To Find What Any Word In The Bible Means, Just By Reading It! , you can:


With How To Find What Any Word In The Bible Means, Just By Reading It! , you can:


Complex Theological Bible Words like "predestination"
Archaic Shakeperean and Elizabethan English like "shambles"
So-Called "False Friends" like "halt"
Eliminate your need of:

Dictionaries Of Uninspired Sinful Men
Incomplete Concordances
Dead "Original Languages"
Opinionated Commentaries
Scholars Who Act Smarter Than Thou
Cacophony of Conflicting Bible Versions
You want to read your Bible, the King James Version, and understand it, but you are overwhelmed by all the long theological terms, the strange yet majestic language, archaic words not found in today's English, suggestions by scholars to look at the "original languages", the many dictionaries, commentaries, versions, books, etc.

There must be a better way.

If the Bible is the living truth of today, it should contain everything you need and much more. You don't need to go outside the Bible. This is proof that the Bible is self-consistent, self-sufficient, and self-contained.
If that is what you believe, then this will be a blessing.
If not, you will be challenged on how simple it is to cut through all the fluff in today's Bible studies that only pay lip service to the Bible being truth itself.
You will never need a source outside the Bible ever again, and your Bible study will be rewarded.
Take How To Find What Any Word In The Bible Means, Just By Reading It! today!

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All you need is to be able to read English

Find the contextual definitions of words, a skill taught from third grade to middle school that scholars have seemed to have forgotten!
Use the only tool outside the Bible that will truly accelerates your study (Hint: it's not an informational resource)
Build the internal Bible dictionary that remains as a result of your hard earned Bible study

People who want to make better decisions in any area of their life
People who want to sharpen their thinking and avoid common reasoning fallacies
People who dare to find out which of their beliefs are wrong and which are true

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