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Implementing Azure Cognitive Services For Vision

Implementing Azure Cognitive Services For Vision

You will learn how to build a facial recognition program that can recognize people in images by comparing them to a library of known individuals.


Train and build custom models using Computer Vision and Custom Vision, and detect and identify people using the Face API.

Azure Cognitive Services helps you build smart, secure, and more efficient models for your business needs. Data dependency has gradually increased over the past few years; every business is looking to utilize its available data to create more optimized solutions. Azure Cognitive Services will help you detect, moderate, and classify visual data as per your needs.

In this course, you will learn how to configure Cognitive Services and use its vision capabilities to describe, tag, and categorize images; identify clip art as opposed to line art; moderate content; read text and handwriting; and recognize facial characteristics such as age, gender, emotions, hair color and type, and more. You will also learn how to build a facial recognition program that can recognize people in images by comparing them to a library of known individuals.

By the end of this course, you will be confident enough to use face, text, image recognition, and image classification to help you build your own business with Azure Cognitive Services.

About the Author:

Peter Rombouts is a Multi Cloud Solution Architect with a strong focus on the Microsoft Azure platform, supporting enterprise organizations in the Netherlands as consultant, lead developer, and architect. He focuses on architecting and designing maintainable, future-proof, and resilient platforms and systems, leveraging the latest and greatest services on the Azure platform. He has led projects using a variety of cognitive services, from LUIS in Chabot's to the Vision API for the custom tagging and recognition of images in a manufacturing project.

Course Information

Knowledge of data scientists and cloud developers required

Configure Cognitive Services and apply Machine Learning functionalities
Master Cognitive Services' Vision APIs on Microsoft Azure
Identify (and differentiate between) clip art and line art
Moderate content and read text and handwriting from images
Integrate image prediction and model training functionalities
Recognize facial characteristics such as age, emotions, and hair color/type

This course is for data scientists and cloud developers who want to build intelligent applications by implementing vision APIs.

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