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Introduction To Beer And Beer Tasting

Introduction To Beer And Beer Tasting

Do you wanna know more about it but don't know where to start?


Craft beer is everywhere nowadays.

Do you wanna know more about it but don't know where to start?

This course is here for you!

We'll take a look at the following topics surrounding beer and craft beer:

Beer defined
Beer ingredients and what role they play
The Beer production process, with an explanation of its 10 different phases
History of beer, from the very beginning to these last few years
Beer styles, with a macro-categorization and a few examples
An overview of how beer tasting works and some tips on how you can start playing with it and improving at it
Lastly, a real beer tasting, to put everything in practice
Why should you take this course?

It's fun, as beer is!
To be more confident when drinking beer at your favorite pub/brewery/taproom
So you'll enjoy your beers even more, with more complete drinking experiences
To move your first steps in the craft beer world, eventually becoming a beer geek (you may need to grow a beard)
How is the course structured?

Informative video lectures in the form of PowerPoint slides with voice over
It's structured to be informative, light and fun. Even more so with a good beer. Cheers!
Lastly, a couple of special thanks to all the main resources that helped me learn so much about beer, I think you can find them helpful too!

Brewing Bad, my favorite Italian blog on homebrewing
Randy Mosher's books, sooo good and beautiful
The Beer Bible book, by Jeff Alworth
Unionbirrai, the Italian Craft Beer association with which I started my tasting courses
The Good Beer Society, another Italian association with which I completed my courses and started teaching
The BJCP organization
MoBI, Movimento Birrario Italiano, for working so hard to spread BJCP in Italy and helping homebrewers and craft beer grow in our country
all the great and helpful people you can find in our wonderful world of craft beer

Course Information

Students need to be curious about beer, that's it!

Beer ingredients
Beer production process
History of beer
Beer styles
An overview of beer tasting

Beer drinkers who want to learn more about their favorite beverage
People who are curious about beer production
People who work in the hospitality industry and feel they should know more about beer

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