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Learning Git

Learning Git

Combine your work with that of several other contributors with the help of branching and forking. Using pull requests put your work in sync with that of other patrons.


Employ the advantageous features of Git in your projects to optimize your workflow with the help of practical examples.

Learning Git will help you gain an insight on using different features of Git to increase efficiency in a collaborative work environment.

Start off by installing Git and learn about different version control approaches. Walk through different types of workflows available and select the one best suited for you. Initialize your first repository to start working on your project. Develop an authentication system for your repositories with the help of SSH keys. Combine your work with that of several other contributors with the help of branching and forking. Using pull requests put your work in sync with that of other patrons. Delve through various concepts like rebasing and rewriting commands to manage your commit history. Furthermore, learn to tag different versions of code to identify them easily. Finally, analyze the changes in the code and trace them to its early stage.

Towards the end of the course, you'll be well versed with using diverse features of Git to your own advantage!

About the Author

Sam Slotsky is a software engineer and saxophonist originating from Sioux City, IA. He attended the University of Iowa for Computer Science and Music and is currently employed by Ackmann & Dickenson, Inc. of Minneapolis, specializing in backend web applications, databases, and JavaScript. Additionally, Sam has authored and contributed to open source packages for use with the Meteor framework and makes occasional posts on Coderwall's tech blog.

Course Information

No prior knowledge of Git is required; this course has it all!

Create a git repository quickly to start tracking versions of project
Contribute to different projects by making commits to Git repositories
Secure your repository with the help of SSH keys
Work with multiple people on a project using Branch and Merge commands
Link to the online remote copies of a repository and stay updated with the changes
Maintain your commit history by condensing all the commits into one and use rewrite commands to control it
Add tags to mark the deployed versions of the project
Resolve the bugs by tracing code changes to its origin

This video course is aimed at developers looking forward to implement version control for their project files using Git.

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