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Learning Microsoft Azure

Learning Microsoft Azure

Azure is a computing and services platform hosted in data centers that is managed or supported by Microsoft.


A comprehensive guide to putting the fundamentals of Azure Services into action

Azure is a computing and services platform hosted in data centers that is managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many features with corresponding services that can be used individually or together. With insights into choosing, planning, deploying, and maintaining Microsoft Azure Services, explained through practical examples, this video course will transform you from a complete beginner to an intermediate level Azure professional ready to take on everyday challenges faced on the cloud. This comprehensive tutorial will get you well versed with the fundamental services of Azure and how you can leverage these services for your organization. You will start with a brief introduction to cloud computing with Azure and then dive into the fundamental steps such as exploring the Azure portal and managing the Azure platform. You will learn to implement the Azure Virtual Machine, and work with Resource Manager. After that, you will explore the Azure SQL Server Database, followed by seeing how to deploy, configure, and manage Azure Web Apps that connect you to the cloud. You will learn to use Azure PaaS, Machine Learning, and Database Solutions, as well as monitoring and diagnosing Azure insights before finally diving into disaster recovery.

About the Author

Peter De Tender has 20 years of professional expertise in Microsoft Infrastructure consulting and architecting, with a main focus on Microsoft Cloud technologies (Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Office 365...). After working for some of the top Microsoft partners in Belgium, he ran his own successful business for several years, mainly providing Infrastructure and Cloud Architect training and readiness in a passionate and enthusiastic way. Peter coached several Microsoft Partners all over the world in doing more Microsoft business, both from a technical and business angle. Just recently, as of June 2016 to be exact, Peter joined Microsoft Corp as an FTE Azure Architect and Program Manager in the global AzureCAT GSI team, part of Azure engineering, where his role consists of providing Azure-focused readiness training and cloud practice building coaching to the TOP Microsoft Global System Integrators. This role allows Peter to combine his two passions, working on the latest and greatest up-to-date technologies, and cooperating with people from all over the globe. His valued credentials are Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Certified Architect, and— before he joined Microsoft—Peter was also recognized as a Microsoft MVP for several years in a row. In his free time, Peter loves speaking at (inter)national conferences and community events, is a technical writer and courseware creator.
Basic knowledge
Prior knowledge of Azure services is required

Course Information

Prior knowledge of Azure services is required

Implement Azure Infrastructure components (storage, networking, virtual Machines)
Understand the basics of automated deployments from Azure Resource Manager Templates
Explore the various Azure Platform services (web Apps, machine learning, and databases) and learn how to deploy them
Understand Azure Monitoring solutions
Discover Azure Disaster Recovery solutions
Study the Azure SQL Server database
Get acquainted with the use of Azure PaaS, machine learning, and database solutions
Analyse Azure insights and get well versed with disaster recovery

Information Technology managers
System administrators
Cybersecurity analysts
Aspiring manager and IT leaders
Future cloud architects

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