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Learning Path: Up And Running With Flask

Learning Path: Up And Running With Flask

This Learning Path shows you how you can apply Flask to real-world projects so that you can ship quick, professional, market-leading products.


You might already know some Python, but did you know that it’s also great for rapid prototyping and web application development? This Learning Path shows you how you can apply Flask to real-world projects so that you can ship quick, professional, market-leading products.

About the Authors

Gareth Dwyer is a South African Computer Science student with several years of Python and web development experience. He first became interested in coding when he was 14, and this interest has only grown since then. His other computer-related interests include Information Security, Natural Language Processing, NoSQL databases, and most things Linux, while in his largely imagined free time he pursues interests in chess, philosophy, classical piano, and languages.

Lalith Polepeddi has been working with Flask since discovering it to be an easy way to learn about web development. He's written about Flask for Tuts+ and TechPro. Aside from Flask, Lalith is interested in applying computer science to address problems in parallel domains, such as biology.

Gergo Bogdan is a software engineer with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. During this time, he worked at small companies and multinational organizations too. He has vast expertise in multiple technologies, starting from .NET to Python to JavaScript to Java. He loves to create technical articles and tutorials for fellow developers.

Basic knowledge
A working knowledge of Python

Course Information

A working knowledge of Python

Develop projects using python
Gear up with the tools you need to get started with web development in Flask
Use familiar Python syntax that makes developing with Flask easy
Establish better client-server communication for your apps
Get better flexibility in your apps by combining Python logic with HTML view code
Enhance the utility of your app by establishing methods for client input
Easily control web APIs to combine data in useful ways
Integrate attractive CSS elements to make your apps look great
Create personalized user experiences with cookies and much more
Set up a development environment with all the necessary software to develop Flask apps
Create robust databases with PostgreSQL to safely store user data for your dynamic websites
Build an authentication and authorization system using Flask-Login and Flask-Oauth to protect your pages from improper access
Use Flask extensions such as Flask-Gravatar, Flask SSLify, and more to add a wide range of functionalities to your app
Integrate the Wikipedia API to build a location-based service
Understand the fundamental capabilities of the Flask framework
Find out how HTTP/Verb methods are used for CRUD operations
Become efficient using SQLAlchemy to store and query data models
Design and develop large applications independently from Flask
Integrate and develop authorization mechanisms in web APIs
Explore security principles, and understand how storing passwords should be implemented
Use the Flask test client efficiently to run automated tests

This course is intended for programming beginners that want to get started with Web Development
This course is intended for Python programmers that want to jump into Web Development
This course is for programmers that want to develop their first RESTful API

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