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Learning The GameMaker Studio 2 Interface

Learning The GameMaker Studio 2 Interface

Learn essential skills for using GameMaker Studio 2.


Learn essential skills for using GameMaker Studio 2.

Get a running start on development in GameMaker Studio 2 with this course and learn the main essential aspects of the GameMaker Studio 2 interface. You will also learn how the main resources are used together to create a final game. Viewers also learn how to program using GML (the GameMaker Studio 2 Language), allowing more complex creations within the software.

This course focuses on the most commonly used interfaces and aspects of GameMaker Studio 2. See the available options, how to customize your workspace to suit your needs,what each available resource is used for, how to set up the main resources, and more. By the end of this course, you will be able to navigate GameMaker Studio 2 with ease and will have a head start in game development within the engine.

About the Author

Nathan Auckett is an advanced GameMaker user and has been using the software for over seven years now. He started using GameMaker during its seventh version and has been using the built-in programming language ever since to create his own games. In 2012, he began creating small tutorials on various topics in GameMaker and has since then created over 50 tutorials helping people achieve a variety of different tasks in GameMaker.

Course Information

Basics of GameMaker Studio 2

Discover the basics behind using GameMaker Studio 2
Get to know all about the available resources in GameMaker
Studio 2
Create animations in GameMaker Studio 2's sprite editor
Use tile sets and auto-tiling to make level design faster and
Combine all your new knowledge and make your own game!
Develop the essential skills to use GameMaker Studio 2 and get a kick-start in bringing your game ideas to life!

This Learning Path is targeted at game developers who have created games or are new at it

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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