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Lightweight Kubernetes With K3s

Lightweight Kubernetes With K3s

You will learn about the practical use cases for which we need to apply the implementation of a lightweight framework that can be used to make development easier and more efficient.


Deploy apps to Raspberry Pi devices using lightweight k3s.

Lightweight Kubernetes k3s is designed for edge computing, IoT, CI, and ARM. If you’re working with something as small as a Raspberry Pi, k3s allows you to use Kubernetes for production workloads. k3s simplifies the operations, reducing the dependencies and the steps needed to run a production Kubernetes cluster.

In this course, you will learn about k3s; why k3s is needed; its real-world applications; what you need to run k3s on the edge; how you can develop an operational model for single-node and clustered edge environments using k3s; and also how to manage hundreds of micro-clusters using k3s. You will learn about the practical use cases for which we need to apply the implementation of a lightweight framework that can be used to make development easier and more efficient.

About the Authors

Walter Dolce is a software and platform engineer based in London, UK. He has worked for both small/medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises such as the BBC and Just Eat. Over the years, he has developed a deep knowledge of various software engineering concepts and practices, such as test-driven development, behavior-driven development, the SOLID principles, and design patterns. More recently, he transitioned to the DevOps/platform engineering space where he has utilized his knowledge to implement highly available, resilient systems and platforms running in today’s major cloud providers (including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure).

Walter has already authored video courses for Packt entitled “Creating a Continuous Deployment Pipeline” and “Hands-On Kubernetes Networking”.

Sangam Biradar is an Author and Speaker with expertise in DevOps , Cloud Computing , IOT and Golang also providing corporate training for various companies and educational institute. He is an active open source contributor in different communities and organize meetups across India. Founder of Gopherlabs Core Contributor of Dockerlabs , Maintainer (Dockerlabs.collabnix).

Course Information

Who find running Kubernetes onerous and require a lightweight Kubernetes framework to run their applications more easily and flexibly

Create highly available Kubernetes clusters in Google Cloud
Build a CI/CD solution to deploy the cloud-native application using Google Cloud services such as Cloud Build, Cloud Source Repositories, and more
Leverage DevOps techniques and processes such as Infrastructure as Code, and automation
Learn about the latest Google Cloud services and DevOps practices used to deploy modern applications in a cloud-native environment
Create an end-to-end continuous delivery workflow for your deployment
Learn to use Google Cloud services such as Cloud Functions, Google Kubernetes Engine, and more

This course is suitable for sysadmins and developers.

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