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Master Electric Guitar 1: Killer Vibrato Like Gary Moore!

Master Electric Guitar 1: Killer Vibrato Like Gary Moore!

A world class vibrato is THE most elusive technique on electric guitar, and it is the ONLY one that will truly set you apart from many, many other players who fixate only on things like speed.


It had to happen. It finally happened. A serious course that teaches what is, for the majority of teachers, unteachable: a WORLD-CLASS VIBRATO. It is time to learn a WORLD-CLASS VIBRATO and use it to empower ANY phrases, licks, solos and riffs you play. This course will teach you not just agreat vibratoon guitar, but a WORLD-CLASS one. FEW guitarist TRULY master this technique, most NEVER do.But YOU will!I am not saying a GOOD vibrato, a NICE one. That’s not good enough. I am saying a WORLD-CLASS VIBRATO. The kind that only players like Yngwie Malmsteen or Gary Moore can play. You will know things that EXTREMELY few players will ever know about how to achieve exactly that. A world class vibrato is THE most elusive technique on electric guitar, and it is the ONLY one that will truly set you apart from many, many other players who fixate only on things like speed. Well, here’s the truth: you can put all the speed you want, but if you have a bad or a so-so vibrato (i.e. mediocre), I’ll classify you as a so-so player. If you have a TOP NOTCH vibrato, I will classify you far, far higher, a superior player. A world-class vibrato is about DISTINCTION. It makes ANYTHING you play far more exciting, interesting, turning it into a far richer experience.

This is an INTENSE and FAST PACED course. I don't want to waste a SINGLE minute of your time. I don't hit 'record' and fill my course with 10 hours of mostly ramblings, ifs, buts, maybes, fluff, um and ah. It's easy enough to fill in 10 hours if one doesn't edit out every pause, um and ah, which for most people occurs every few seconds. I do edit every second. It takes me up to 40 minutes to edit a video that will be only 2 minutes long. I am more about content and substance than how things look. Every single word I say must have tutoring weight. Also, I don't believe in 'learn everything guitar' courses, most of them are superficial and bland and will turn you into a MEDIOCRE jack of all trades and master of NONE. Learning a bit of this and a bit of that with no real depth will only turn you into a mediocrity. You need to focus on ONE specific thing at a time, step by step, LASER FOCUS style, and it takes more than a few minutes to cover a single topic in depth. This attitude changed EVERYTHING for me.

Mastering this amazing technique takes a lot more than blindly shaking the string a little bit. Yet, the majority of guitarists do exactly that, and 95 per cent of the time the only result is a BAD vibrato, or a MEDIOCRE one at best. I see players EVERYWHERE having a TERRIBLE vibrato, even experienced players, even TEACHERS. A lot of them have a SHOCKINGLY bad vibrato, and the rest have a weak and insipid one.

How do you develop, step by step, in an inexorably efficient method, a truly TOP NOTCH vibrato? How do you learn it, exactly? How do you practice it EXACTLY, with SURE-FIRE and POWERFUL results? How do you master a TOP CLASS vibrato such as that by Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore or Tony MacAlpine, i.e. some of the VERY FEW true masters of vibrato on guitar?

A world class vibrato is the art of instilling tons of excitement, energy, power, and expression, even IN A SINGLE NOTE. Isn’t that strange? Speed needs a LOT of notes, vibrato works GREAT even with ONE. How neat is that? Speed is about playing a LOT of notes and probably saying little that is truly meaningful; vibrato is the OPPOSITE: say more with less. The tiniest piece of gold is far more valuable than a heap of lead. An EXCEPTIONAL vibrato is that tiny piece of gold in your technical, AND musical arsenal in your secure MASTERY of the instrument: top notch rock and metal guitar.

And the truth is that the majority of guitarists have absolutely no clue about how to TRULY develop their vibrato and making it OUTSTANDING. I will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to do it. Why settling for a MEDIOCRE vibrato when you can have a TOP CLASS one that will make other guitarists wish they had?

Don't be ANOTHER guitarist with a BAD or MEDIOCRE vibrato. Be the ONE with a MASTERFUL vibrato.

By the end of the course, you will be armed with a knowledge that, in a few weeks, will get you where VERY few players ever get. Let’s begin today and let me show you how to get there, and arm YOU with a highly sought after technique by every player around the globe. Your playing will sound FAR more special and soulful, without just adding a bunch of meaningless notes.

Most guitarist spend YEARS trying to learn this. And most NEVER learn it. But YOU will!

Basic knowledge
The Students MUST be able to Read full TABS (not the type with numbers only)

Course Information

The Students MUST be able to Read full TABS (not the type with numbers only)

What will you learn
You will learn to master THE most elusive and sought after technique on electric guitar: a WORLD CLASS vibrato. I will show you how to do it, STEP BY STEP
You will learn a super sought after Technique that VERY FEW Guitarists EVER learn properly, let alone MASTER YOU will!

Intermediate to early advanced, or even advanced!

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