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Master Virtuoso Classical-Acoustic & PRO Fingerstyle Guitar!

Master Virtuoso Classical-Acoustic & PRO Fingerstyle Guitar!

If you are an intermediate classical or serious acoustic guitarist, here I'll teach you exactly how to master tremolo in 21 days, master Carcassi, and learn to practice like a top notch guitarist. Take your musicianship on guitar to the next levels with my course!


It's WAKEY-WAKEY time. Many classical guitarists perform the famous study no. 7 op 60 by Carcassi, so slowly that they put you to SLEEP. Carcassi was a true guitar VIRTUOSO, and he did NOT perform to put people to sleep. Let's WAKE UP and learn to play this brilliant study by maestro Carcassi the way it was meant to play: in a brilliant, effortless, and daring manner!

If you are an intermediate classical or serious acoustic guitarist, here I'll teach you exactly how to master tremolo in 21 days, master Carcassi, and learn to practice like a top notch guitarist. Take your musicianship on guitar to the next levels with my course!

It's time to learn WORLD CLASS skills on guitar such as classical tremolo, how to play a world class piece that is a mainstay of the repertory, and best of all, all the secrets on how to practice like a PRO once and for all! The latter topic especially no one teaches in great detail. But I do!

Do you want to achieve an effortless and super accurate technique on guitar? Do you want to stop feeling that terrible and vague sense of mediocrity? Do you want to feel super confident when you perform on guitar? Ever felt like you wanted to improve noticeably but instead just wasted your time, or that it's taking too long and that any real progress it's happening at the speed of a SNAIL?

Being a TOP GUITARIST is much more than just noodling on guitar for a few minutes a day. That approach was NEVER used by any of the great guitarists. Trust me....I have spent YEARS researching this stuff.

How do you develop faultless accuracy? How do you develop brutally effective technique and speed? How do you learn a new piece well and in the fastest possible way?

All these topics can seem complicated and daunting, but it does not have to be that way and this course will show you everything you need to REALLY know, step by step!

We will learn how to develop an inexorably effective tremolo technique, which is a guitar texture absolutely essential to so many high level pieces from the masters like Giuliani, Carcassi, Tarrega, Barrios, Sor, and others. I will show every example and you will find it all written on staff and TAB, most of it directly on the screen, but also supplied in PDF format and Guitar Pro format too.

We will be studying a brilliant, well known, top notch Carcassi study that if played really well, will take people's breath away. We will break the piece down BAR by BAR, and put everything under a magnifying glass so that you can learn a ton of very effective techniques that will serve you really, really well.

By the end of this course, you will understand exactly how to develop technique, speed, accuracy; how to play brilliantly an excellent piece; how to practice like a COMPLETE PRO, which only complete pros know about!

Are there course requirements?

Most certainly: you MUST be able to read TABS. That means, reading guitar music. This is NOT a washed down course of the type 'Learn to play without reading music'. These courses will ALWAYS fail. Always, always, always. If you want to be a top musician you MUST be able to read music. End of story!

Ready? Let's go! Let's start walking on the path of fire, passion, and emotion. The stuff that makes life interesting!

My ultimate goal as a teacher is to have YOU succeed in YOUR musical endeavours and goals.

To your artistic success,

Luigi Pati

Course Information

Must be able to read TABS

How to develop a brilliant and accurate tremolo technique in 3 mere weeks. Most experienced teachers say it takes up to 6 months, but with me is 3 weeks. Not 4, 6 , 10 or 15, or 6 months. And most beginners never learn these techniques, ever, let alone in 3 weeks
How to play BRILLIANTLY a top notch etude written by a master of the guitar, Carcassi. A lot of people play this etude in a mediocre, boring, sloooooow way. You won't be like them, and you'll play it 7 times better with my step-by-step method
How to practice like a TOTAL PRO. I have not seen this being taught ANYWHERE, but every WORLD CLASS PERFORMER uses these brutally effective methods! I will show you EXACTLY how

Intermediate guitarists who can read TABS, Acoustic, classical, etc, doesn't matter. All I teach is equally applicable to acoustic steel stringed guitar and classical nylon stringed guitar

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