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Mastering AWS Administration

Mastering AWS Administration

This course will catapult you from a young grasshopper, wet-behind-the-ears, into a true AWS Jedi master in just a few hours. Why wait? Take this course and learn how to wield the power of AWS today!.


Core AWS services using the AWS Console and CLI. Powerful techniques all AWS administrators want in their toolbox.

Do you need to set up an AWS infrastructure quickly but don’t have the time and energy to sift through tons of boring documentation? AWS is a powerful platform that can handle any load you can throw at it. But, with great power comes great responsibility. The last thing you want is to fully deploy an application only to find out you did it wrong.

This course will teach you to effectively deploy AWS resources like a true pro in a matter of minutes. You will learn the concepts behind architecting systems in the cloud and how to engineer your environment to withstand failures. Take a deep breath and follow these easy deployment scenarios featuring real-world examples of everything from websites to Machine Learning and beyond.

This course will catapult you from a young grasshopper, wet-behind-the-ears, into a true AWS Jedi master in just a few hours. Why wait? Take this course and learn how to wield the power of AWS today!.

About the Author

TechSnips is an IT career development platform that provides free learning content to people in information technology (IT). We provide screencasts or snips on a range of technology-related topics like cloud computing, programming, system administration and a whole lot more.All of the content we publish is built by IT professionals, system administrators, DevOps engineers, software developers…you name it! All content is created by people in the trenches performing this work day in and day out. We have no “professional” trainers here. Our experts are hand-picked, coached and mentored along the way resulting in high-quality learning content.We like to call ourselves an IT career development platform more than an e-learning platform because our service provides career development benefits to both contributors (the ones creating the content) and to subscribers (the ones consuming the content). We help people on both sides of the coin become better in their careers.
Ahmed El-Fakharany is a senior Cloud and DevOps engineer. He’s worked with Linux and open-source technologies since 2011. Having held various job titles both in the enterprise world as well as in small and medium-sized startups, Ahmed has experienced the whole lifecycle of software creation and maintenance start to finish.He has also taught many students various DevOps tools like Docker, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, as well as AWS cloud technologies like EC2, S3, Beanstalk, and Lambda functions. Ahmed is a certified AWS Solution Architect Associate.

Course Information

AWS, administering Windows and Linux systems, knowledge of storage concepts, networking concepts, and security concepts

Host a static website using S3, Route53, and CloudFront
Build a WordPress website using EC2, RDS, and the Elastic Beanstalk
Deploy Node.js, Python, and .NET apps on the Elastic Beanstalk
Provision desktops in the AWS cloud using Amazon Workspaces
Setup a CI/CD pipeline using CodePipeline and EC2
Migrate a GIT repo to AWS using CodeCommit
Deploy a Jenkins server on EC2 and Amazon EBS
Set up an email pipeline using SES and Route53
Replace tape backups with cloud storage

This course is for systems and network administrator who would like to setup an AWS infrastructure quickly.

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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