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Microsoft Office 2019 Essential Training Bundle

Microsoft Office 2019 Essential Training Bundle

The Microsoft Office 2019: Essential Training Bundle is here to help you master PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and many more Microsoft Office Programs with this bundle! 



Course Information

This course is suitable for those who have basic knowledge of the Microsoft Office applications, and for those just starting out using Microsoft Office products!
Our 8-course bundle offers beginner to advanced level insight, knowledge, and techniques to help you become more productive in using Microsoft Office at home or in the workplace.

With this Microsoft Office 2019 – Essential Training Bundle, you will get these video courses, plus project files to follow along with your expert instructors:
1. Microsoft Project 2019 – Beginners.
2. Microsoft Project 2019 – Advanced.
3. Microsoft Word 2019 – Complete Training.
4. Microsoft Excel 2019 – Beginners.
5. Microsoft Excel 2019 – Advanced.
6. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – Complete Training.
7. Microsoft Access 2019 – Beginners
8. Microsoft Access 2019 – Advanced.
9. New! Learn Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner to Expert Course.


Do I need any prior experience to take this bundle? No! You can be a complete beginner to Microsoft Office, as our courses will take you from beginner to expert level!

This course bundle can help you with many career and industries that you wish to go into! Microsoft Office is used at most workplaces, whether you work in an office or remotely. In Administrative roles, Project Management roles, IT roles, and much more. This course bundle is extremely versatile and can help you in a range of career paths, or with your studying if you are a student! 

You are able to pay in full upfront, or in monthly installments (subject to a credit check.) 

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