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Python For Analytics

Python For Analytics

Gain hands-on Python coding skills for practical business applications. No prior programming knowledge is required.


In current global economies, data has become
the foundation of solving business problems or
making critical decisions. Data analytics
empowered by Python programming skills will
provide you, as a professional, as well as the
organization you work for, a competitive edge in
the market.
The Python for Analytics programme serves as
a powerful tool for your professional
development. Designed to provide you with a
straightforward introduction to coding with
Python, the programme will also teach you how
to apply Python functions and packages to
evaluate data and extract essential insights.

Course Information

Who Is This Programme For?
Python remains one of the most in-demand programming languages employers look for.

Professionals who want a hands-on understanding of Python and Analytics may benefit from the programme, including.
Managers across domains and industries,including digital marketing, product development and CRM

Business or financial analysts, software or systems engineers

Small business owners and entrepreneurs, career changers looking to hone their data science skillset

Python has become the most popular programming language in the data science world, and is used by global companies.* Python has also proven to be beneficial to financial advisors, data journalists, digital marketers, and product managers responsible for researching market opportunities.

What Will This Programme Do For You?
Following successful completion of the Python for Analytics programme,participants will be able to:

Explore how to install and use packages such as Pandas, SciPy, NumPy, and Matplotlib in Python

Create, manipulate, and extract insights from data structures using DataFrames

Explore how to gain business insights by visualising data using various plots with Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy,and NumPy

Apply the basics concepts of probability to build your foundation of predictive analytics

Programme Highlights
Whether you are a working professional, a business owner or an aspiring programmer, learning
Python will allow you to automate tasks, work smarter, and increase your value and employability in the global marketplace.
118 Recorded Video Lectures with Faculty
18 Live Online Office Hour Sessions with Programme Leaders
13 Discussion Boards
10 Assignments
10 Activities

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