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React Projects

React Projects

This course starts with a refresher on the basics, but quickly ramps it up and introduces new libraries and concepts in each application.


Create real-world applications with React, Redux, and related libraries

React is increasingly becoming one of the leading client side web frameworks and has become the number one developer’s choice to build interactive single page web applications.

This course starts with a refresher on the basics, but quickly ramps it up and introduces new libraries and concepts in each application. Wel guide you through creating seven real-world React applications: a to do list; a recipe database; a polished, stylish and well tested responsive application; a multi-region weather forecast app; a data analysis dashboard app; a Twitter clone; and a multi-step newsletter sign-up form that sends data to Firebase. You’ll start by building basic single page applications and move on to advanced projects using Redux. Each project covered in this course is standalone and will help you harness the full potential of the React framework.

Through this course, you’ll experience how real-world applications can be built in a rapid and predictable way with React, enabling you to build upon your basic React knowledge so you are confident using React and its associated libraries to create advanced, production-ready projects.

About the Authors

Tom Duncalf has been a professional JavaScript developer for nearly 10 years, and has been working with React for more than 3 years. He has professional experience with many programming languages and technologies, including Python, Ruby, C#, PHP, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. In addition to React itself, he is very interested in the JavaScript ecosystem building up around it, including libraries such as Redux and MobX.
Basic knowledge
A basic knowledge of React is assumed

Course Information

A basic knowledge of React is assumed

Manage a complex application state with Redux or MobX
Easily add attractive UIs and visual polish to applications
Become more efficient in developing by leveraging React components
Persist user data both locally and to APIs such as Firebase
Create advanced forms and performant UIs for huge amounts of data
Work with applications that require real-time updates
Tune the performance of a React application and ensure it is ready for production usage

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