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Real-World JavaScript: Pro-Level Techniques For Entry-Level Developers

Real-World JavaScript: Pro-Level Techniques For Entry-Level Developers

JavaScript is the most widely used web-based programming language and powers dynamic behavior on websites.


Burn your textbooks! A new way to learn JavaScript is here.

JavaScript is the most widely used web-based programming language and powers dynamic behavior on websites. Whether you're interested in writing frontend client-side code, backend code for servers, or even game development, you'll be able to accomplish all of this and more with JavaScript. Web technologies are growing rapidly, and by building a solid foundation in JavaScript, you are beginning your journey and riding the wave of innovation. With this course, you will not only begin learning the basics of JavaScript, but also enable a high level of interactivity that lets you accept payments, validate inputs, and create a winning User Experience. Along the way, you will learn how to dynamically load content on a page using AJAX and add interactive elements to your site with Bootstrap and jQuery, which will greatly help in reducing page load times and your development time. Integrate your website with both open-source and paid jQuery plugins that will allow you to rapidly enhance your site's interactivity and responsiveness. Taught by industry veteran Nick Ruffilo, this course quickly leaves you feeling comfortable in dealing with JavaScript libraries and putting together the pieces of a puzzle to build a masterpiece. Towards the end of this course, you'll be able to tackle this extraordinary language one step at a time and possibly launch a new career as a JavaScript Web Developer. The code bundle for this video course is available at -

About The Author

Nick Ruffilo has been a software and web developer for 20+ years. He has used JavaScript to develop web sites, web services, video games, native apps, and interactive ebooks. Nick has taught people of all ages, and focuses on providing the most impactful learning while teaching the skills necessary to continue your education. Nick Ruffilo is an entrepreneur, technology manager, software developer, and teacher. He understands the balance between a need to understand what's going on and the need to actually get things done.
Basic knowledge
HTML and CSS programming

Course Information

HTML and CSS programming

Get to grips with JavaScript and understand documentation to easily continue your education in a self-guided way
Accept credit-card payments using Stripe, enabling you or your business to easily make revenue
Dynamically load content to a page using Ajax, greatly reducing page load times
Create interactive elements quickly with BootStrap and jQuery to reduce your development time
Integrate with thousands of open-source and paid jQuery plugins, allowing you to rapidly create amazing things

This is an ideal course for Novice developers looking to get started with web development.

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